The MCU’s Ms. Marvel Iman Vellani Will Write a MS. MARVEL Comic

It’s been a busy time for Marvel’s fan-favorite hero Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel joined the world of live-action in her own MCU Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel. Iman Vellani plays Ms. Marvel in the MCU. And Vellani’s Ms. Marvel is also getting ready to make her big-screen MCU debut in The Marvels, the Captain Marvel sequel coming in November. Meanwhile, in the world of Marvel Comics, Ms. Marvel recently died, sacrificing herself for the world in Amazing Spider-Man #26. This Marvel Comics death did not sit well with fans, though, and there was great protest on Ms. Marvel’s behalf. But death is often not permanent in Marvel’s comics, and Kamala Khan will be back.

In a delightful turn of events, the MCU’s Ms. Marvel Iman Vellani will actually be the one to write Kamala Khan’s return to Marvel Comics in Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant. This time Ms. Marvel will join a new team, becoming a member of the X-Men.

The MCU’s Ms. Marvel Iman Vellani Will Write a Ms. Marvel Comic for Marvel Comics

MCU's Ms. Marvel Iman Vellani will write Ms. Marvel comic Ms Marvel The New Mutant where Kamala Khan become an X-Men
Marvel Studios/Marvel Comics/Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

That’s a lot to unpack. First—we absolutely love that Iman Vellani will write this new Ms. Marvel comic for Marvel Comics alongside Sabir Pirzada. Vellani shared with Entertainment Weekly via Marvel’s website, “This was way scarier than joining the MCU for me… Those projects feel like they live in their own dimension, so I guess I can separate myself easier. But you can hold a comic book! I’ve never written anything before in my entire life, but I have read many comics, so I just wrote what I would want to read. I was given a very professional tool to write what is essentially my own fan fiction.”

We feel it’s likely that no one loves the character of Ms. Marvel more than Iman Vellani, so it’s safe to say she and the story are in good hands. Vellani herself is also known to be a huge Marvel fan. Pirzada shares of making the Ms. Marvel comic, “It was actually a very humbling experience to work with Iman [Vellani], because she knows her comics even better than I do, and that is saying something… She was throwing out references to specific comics that came out before either of us were born. She has a very great eye for what makes for a good sequence on the page as drawn by an artist. It was very impressive to me to see her throw out all these references to different artists that she’s been following through the years.”

Ms. Marvel Will Join the X-Men in Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant

Kamala Khan's new X-Men Ms Marvel Costume design for comic by Iman Vellani
Marvel Comics/Jamie McKelvie

Next up, we can’t wait to see Ms. Marvel join the X-Men. Ms. Marvel has been part of many Marvel Comics teams, like the Avengers and the Inhumans. But this marks the first-time Ms. Marvel will join up with the X-Men. We feel that will make for an excellent adventure, guarenteed. This crossover also makes us think more about what might happen in live-action. The X-Men will join the MCU sooner or later— if Wolverine’s yellow Deadpool 3 suit is any indicator. Maybe we’ll see Ms. Marvel as a member of the MCU X-Men team when it arrives; there will be Marvel Comics precedence now, after all.

Vellani shares more about this Ms. Marvel change in the Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant comics, noting. “I want to make it very, very clear that we are not reconning her Inhuman origin. That’s a part of Kamala’s identity that Marvel editorial and myself would very much like to keep and protect… Our book will absolutely reflect all those core themes of identity that the Ms. Marvel comics have consistently explored — only now there’s a whole new label that Kamala has to learn to accept. It’s going to be pretty crazy.”

More About Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant: Synopsis, Release Date, Covers, and X-Men Costume

Ms. Marvel the New Mutant cover, Iman Vellani will co-write and Kamala Khan will join the X-Men
Marvel Comics/Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

In addition, Marvel has revealed a synopsis of Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant. It reads:

After being brought back via Krakoan Resurrection Technology, Kamala is shocked to learn she is mutant. But before she has a chance to come to terms with this revelation, the catastrophic FALL OF X will throw her world into chaos…and a secret mission on behalf of the X-Men.

Marvel Comics also shares, “After Kamala’s heroic sacrifice that saved the world in Amazing Spider-Man, Kamala will be brought back thanks to the miracle of mutant resurrection in X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023 #1! What a way to learn she’s a mutant! The bad news is her debut doesn’t go exactly as planned, and soon all of mutantkind will be hunted worldwide as the catastrophic FALL OF X grips the Marvel Universe!”

You can also take a look at some of the variant covers for the four issues of this new Ms. Marvel series. Drawn by Betsy Cola, Federico Vicentini, and Chris Samnee, these amazing covers highlight Ms. Marvel’s new connection with the X-Men. In all, there will be ten variant covers for Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant. They will reveal “Ms. Marvel in her new X-costume, recreate her most iconic covers and insert herself into some of the most memorable moments in X-Men history!” Sounds exciting to us.

As mentioned, Ms. Marvel will also receive a brand new X-Men costume in Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant.  This suit comes from “superstar artist Jamie McKelvie, who designed Carol Danvers’ iconic Captain Marvel suit and Kamala’s original Ms. Marvel look in the comics.”

Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant will be a four-issue limited series co-written by Iman Vellani and Sabir Pirzada. The new Ms. Marvel comic will be drawn by artists Carlos Gómez and Adam Gorham. Covers will be drawn by Sara Pichelli. Ms. Marvel: New Mutant #1 will go on sale August 30.

Originally published on July 14, 2023.

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