A 6-Inch Arya Stark Figure Joins the McFarlane Toys Lineup

When McFarlane Toys got the license to do LEGO-like sets for Game of Thrones, fans wondered why they couldn’t get action figures instead. Well, now we can. While the company has been teasing us with digital renders of the first wave of figures—including the Night King, Jon Snow, Daenerys, and a scaled-down Ice Dragon Viserion—they today revealed the Arya Stark action figure on Instagram. The projected release date is April, to tie in with the show’s final season, and the character selection so far suggests the company will be leaning heavily on current TV outfits and looks.

For collectors, one of the most notable details about these Game of Thrones figures is the fact that (aside from the dragon) they’ll be in 6-inch scale, also known as 1:12, which is the popular standard across lines like Marvel Legends, WWE, Star Wars Black Series, and Mezco’s One:12 Collective. Todd McFarlane used to have the philosophy that his figures should tower over the competition’s, and as such most McFarlane figures are 7-inch, a size maintained by his former employees at NECA, but no other company. Now, if you want to pit Jon Snow against Han Solo or Spider-Man, either in play or display, you’ll soon be able to without making it disproportionate.It also makes it easier to do giants later on down the line, perhaps…

Image: HBO

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