McFarlane Toys Bring DESTINY, MASS EFFECT, David Bowie and So Much Negan to Toy Fair 2017

Over the past 24 years, McFarlane Toys has amassed a pretty sweet collection of licenses from all your favorite video games, violent TV shows (sup, Game of Thrones?), and now even anime — and they’re not planning to stop anytime soon. This year their Toy Fair booth was full of some pretty sweet collectibles, and Todd McFarlane himself was even on hand to give us an inside look at the inner workings of his company.

Longtime fans of McFarlane Toys will notice that the company’s latest diorama sets, which features licenses from Steven Universe, Rick And Morty, and South Park (including the upcoming game Fractured But Whole) are a bit of a departure from their earlier, more realistically detailed construction-based sets in The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. McFarlane told us that this was a deliberate experiment to target a different audience of parents and kids than you’d get in the action figure aisle.

So far it’s paid off — their Five Nights At Freddy’s line, which will soon be expanding to include Sister Location sets from the latest game, is the biggest success they’ve ever had at Toy Fair. If you’ve never heard of the massively popular series, you’re not alone, because McFarlane himself didn’t even realize it would be such a popular brand for them until he got so many orders that he couldn’t keep up with them.

“What it’s telling me is that the world’s changing,” he said. “Just because we adults don’t know about it does not mean it’s not living in a dimension someplace, a new level on the Internet where the youth are getting their information and entertainment.”

Another big departure for the company: this amazing roleplay-ready Iron Gjallahorn from Destiny. This is just the prototype, as they still haven’t quite figured out what materials to use and how to package the elaborate rocket launcher, but it’s certainly no less impressive. If it sells well, McFarlane might continue to design cosplay-quality weapons from other brands, so start saving your Glimmer now!

Speaking of weapons, yes, they’re still doing some awesome The Walking Dead figures and toys–and surprise surprise, most of them are Negan-focused. That Negan/Glen 5” set is just cruel, yo. So’s the bloodied up Lucille, which is a updated version of the prop they’ve already been selling. Excuse me, I’m still not over it.

Plus, we can’t forget these awesome figures of the Ryder twins from the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda!  The game might be out in March, but these won’t be available until July of this year — although you can already pre-order Scott and Sara from Entertainment Earth.

Oh, and we’ll just leave this here…

The gallery below features other rad toys we saw at the McFarlane booth, including figures from One Punch Man, Attack On Titan, Borderlands 2Titanfall, the NFL (no, really!), and, of course, Spawn. What license do you want to see them get a hold of next? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Victoria McNally for Nerdist, McFarlane Toys

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