This McDonald’s Chicken McNugget-Shaped TETRIS Device is a Tasty Collectible

Chicken McNuggets are not a reason to travel to other countries. At least that’s what my wife says. She told me I was being “ridiculous” when I wanted to fly Japan. Apparently it wasn’t okay to fly around the world because McDonald’s there started selling my favorite fast food by the literal bucket. But I’m optimistic I can persuade her on the merits of a China trip. Not to eat, though. It would be to get a custom handheld game honoring a food that always provides a happy meal. Because hungry Chinese customers can now dine while also playing an officially licensed McNugget-shaped Tetris device.

A handheld Tetris device shaped like a McNugget on display with its box, stickers, and bag from McDonald's China
McDonald’s China/Tetris

McDonald’s in China found a fun way to honor Chicken McNuggets 40th anniversary. The restaurant chain combined its iconic foodstuff with another pop culture legend.

The McDonald’s Chicken Nugget Handheld device (which we first learned about at Retro Dodo) lets you play a tasty-looking version of Tetris. This unique system comes in the shape of a giant McNugget. And while totally new (it has a McDonald’s logo onscreen) the whole thing looks and plays like classic GameBoy Tetris. That gives the whole thing a retro ’80s feel.

Even the packaging it comes in is part of the fun. The device arrives in custom McNugget-style packaging. And it also includes a fun colorful bag for protection along with stickers.

At a price of just 30 Yuan (roughly $4.25 U.S.) it’s not a surprise to learn they sold out instantly when they became available this week. Considering both Tetris and McNuggets have four decades of fandom, the cost of grabbing one on the secondary market is only going to climb as more people learn about them.

That will probably still be cheaper than a round-trip ticket to China. That won’t help me convince my wife I should still fly there just in case. But if she lets me I’ll definitely make sure to bring her one back, too.

What if mine breaks?

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