McDonald’s Will Sell Chicken McNuggets by the Bucket in Japan

I say this without an iota of hyperbole: one of my lifelong dreams has been for McDonald’s to sell Chicken McNuggets by the bucket.

Why? Because I’m into nuggets, y’all, and eating food out of a big tub makes things taste even better. Obviously. Well, later this year, my wish will finally come true (yes!) halfway around the world (nooooo!), when select McDonald’s locations in Japan start selling 48-piece McNugget buckets.

We got our first taste of this supersized menu item at Joyscribe, and it will be available at 38 stores in the Niigata prefecture starting on December 1. If you’re wondering why they went with 48 instead of 50, it’s because they are part of a promotion with the J-Pop band NGT 48. The McNugget buckets will feature advertisements for the band, and members of the group will visit select stores to hand them out to 500 customers on the first day they are available. Along with in-store posters and tray sheets of the group, each bucket will also come with a commemorative card of NGT 48.

That all sounds great if you love NGT 48, but we’re here for the McNuggets, and we have some followup questions. Will they also be handing out supersized packets of Sweet & Sour sauce, or are we going to have to plead for extra like always? Can we buy more than one bucket at a time? Is there a hard limit?

And really, the only question that matters: why is this only taking place in one part of Japan and not two minutes from my house? Because obviously (obviously) we need this promotion to come to North America, and I already have the perfect musical act to partner it with: Blink 182.

What? I like to dream big.

What’s the most McNuggets you have ever eaten in one sitting? Take a bite out of our comments with your record high.

Images: McDonald’s Japan

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