Max’s CLONE HIGH Reboot Returns with New Clones in Season 2 Trailer

The teenage clones of famous historical figures are back. Again. This time we didn’t have to wait 20 years for them to return, either. Max’s Clone High reboot will be back next month with all new episodes., And the show’s season two trailers promises it will be a very special season. As always there will be plenty of lovesick teens full of way too many hormones. Plus we’ll get a chance to meet some all new celebrity copies, including clones of some very evil people.

And also Baby Patrick Swayze.

Summer is over and love is in the air. There’s also plenty of resentment, too, as a three-month break didn’t make anyone forget Joan of Arc tried to kill all of them last time. But hopefully that will be water under the bleachers eventually. Until it is, though, that extra tension should make for an extra fun season two.

The show features original series stars Will Forte as young Abe Lincoln and Nicole Sullivan as teenage Joan of Arc. Executive producers Phil Lord (Scudworth) and Chris Miller (JFK and Mr. B) are also still in school. As is Christa Miller, who plays the reboot’s antagonist Candide Sampson. Her old role of Cleopatra is now voiced by Mitra Jouhari. And Donald Faison, who also played multiple roles on the original Clone High, is still around as George Washington Carver.

Joan of Arc surrounded by sinister looking clones in the bleachers from Clone High

The Max series also stars Ayo Edebiri (Harriet), Vicci Martinez (Frida), Kelvin Yu (Confucius), and Neil Casey (Topher Bus). Season two will also feature some famous guest stars. Jermaine Fowler, Paul F. Tompkins, Stephen Root, Jackée Harry, Hannah Simone, D’Arcy Carden, Randall Park, Jameela Jamil, Renee Elise Goldsberry, and Richard Kind will also be heading back to school when Clone High returns to Max for its all-new season on February 1.

Hopefully these clones won’t be put on ice for two decades when season two ends. We couldn’t handle the thought of not having Baby Patrick Swayze in our lives for that long.

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