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Mattel’s Making a 6-Inch Sexy Jeff Goldblum Figure Because They Could AND Should

Oohs and aahs at the Comic-Con booth, that’s how it starts. But then there’ll be screaming, and running…to toy shelves, when Mattel‘s new Jurassic Park line of collector-skewing action figures hits.

Throughout the years of the franchise, most Jurassic toys have skewed young, towards kids who are first discovering an interest in dinosaurs. But life finds a way, and has for older fans who realize that the real star of that first movie wasn’t a large reptile. And yes, we may as well sideline the “reptile or bird” debate, since the movies certainly did, but the “Ian Malcolm versus anyone else” debate was decided a long time ago, and now there’s finally an action figure worthy of him.

The good doctor/chaotician played by Jeff Goldblum is the start of a new collector-focused line that will also feature Chris Pratt‘s Owen Grady.

And his raptor buddy, Blue. (As Mattel said to me: check out all the tail articulation.)

Plans for the line have yet to be finalized: it may hit stores everywhere, or it may find another, more direct-to-consumer forum. And the entire film franchise is fair game, so anybody from William H. Macy to the spitting dilophosaurus could join in future waves.

Mattel is quick to state that this will not in any way lead to a reduction of the 3-3/4 inch line, which they continue to have robust plans for. But this new line will allow more of their licensed properties to play together: if you want Willem Dafoe in Jurassic Park, his Aquaman movie figure will be to scale. Think Chris Pratt could be a WWE guest referee? Now he can do that in your playroom.

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Images: Universal Pictures, Luke Y. Thompson

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