Special WEREWOLF BY NIGHT IN COLOR Version Coming to Disney+

In a perfect world we’d be waiting for a very specific movie this fall. We’d be waiting for the premiere of a followup to the 2022 MCU Halloween special Werewolf by Night. The creepy black-and-white tale of monster hunters and their prey remains one of the franchise’s best and most original post-Infinity Saga releases. But while we don’t live in a perfect world, it’s not all bad either. Disney+’s 2023 “Hallowstream” lineup will include the newly announced Werewolf by Night in Color, a special new version of the film set to arrive in October.

A werewolf hunched down in color from the set of Werewolf by Night

Hulu subscribers can now catch the original Werewolf by Night on the streamer. Disney added the special starring Gael García Bernal to the collection as part of “Huluween.” But customers of the Mouse House’s flagship streaming service will be getting a very different version on October 20. Marvel Studios’ Werewolf By Night in Color will give viewers an opportunity to see the film in a whole new way. According to Disney’s press release the black-and-white film will now have a companion version that comes in “vibrant color.”

On Twitter X, director Michael Giacchino said they “spent a lot of time working on this color version” because they “wanted to pay homage to the incredible vibrant color in horror films like the ones Hammer made.” He said the result is “a whole new look for the film.” We don’t yet know exactly what that will mean, but we have previously seen colorized images from the set thanks to the behind-the-scenes doc Director By Night.

Before this new we were planning to rewatch the black-and-white version probably a couple times. Now? We’re still going to do that, we’re just also going to enjoy Werewolf by Night in Color.

Hopefully next year we also have a second original movie to enjoy, too. That won’t make the world perfect, but like this special color version it will get us one lycanthrope step closer.

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