Marvel’s RUNAWAYS and CLOAK & DAGGER to Crossover

Once of the biggest staples of the comics universe is the crossover. Favorite characters meet together in one spectacular issue, either fighting with or against each other. However, the crossover doesn’t just exist within the pages of a comic book. What makes the MCU so great is because it constantly embraces the crossover on the big screen. The CW’s DC universe also has a host of crossover episodes for their flagship heroes. Now, Marvel’s television division will join in on the fun. 

Today, on Cloak & Dagger’s official Twitter page, fans got a tease of a crossover episode to come. First, the cast of Marvel’s Runaways greeted fans, reminding audiences of their upcoming season at the end of the year. After hinting at some major challenges to come their way, the crew teases us that they’ll need some help. Suddenly, the camera pans and we see Tandy and Tyrone (Cloak and Dagger) sitting right next to them!

The Cast of Freeform's Marvel's Cloak & Dagger

Turns out, Runaways will feature a crossover episode this upcoming season with Tandy and Tyrone from Cloak & Dagger. Runaways focuses on a rag-tag team of teenagers who unite together to battle against a shared enemy: their criminal parents. The latest season featured the kids on the run, brainstorming ways to stop their parents’ evil collective, the Pride. Cloak & Dagger focuses on two teens who, after an accident, discover they have superpowers. With their powers combined, the two fight crime as the titular Cloak & Dagger.

The cast of Marvel's Runaways.

Since both shows feature superhero teens working together, we’ve been anxiously waiting to see if these worlds collide. The fact that Hulu and Freeform are under the Disney brand made this crossover inevitable. We’re really interested to see how the group dynamic will change with Tandy and Tyrone in the mix. Plus, how exactly will they’ll meet?

Runaways season three will drop on December 13. While we anxiously awaiting the next season, we’ll be rewatching both Runaways and Cloak & Dagger on Hulu. 

Featured Image: Hulu

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