Watch the Trailer for the DC vs. Marvel Docuseries SLUGFEST

The biggest and longest-running rivalry in comics isn’t Batman vs. the Joker. Nor is it Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin. Nope, it’s DC Comics vs. Marvel Comics. And the story of that adversarial, decades-long relationship between publishers forms the basis for a new docuseries called Slugfest. Produced by the Russo brothers and narrated by Kevin Smith, the 10 part series arrives on the Roku channel on December 24. And now, the first trailer Slugfest is here, via Deadline. You can watch it below:

Reed Tucker’s book Slugfest: Inside the Epic, 50-year Battle Between Marvel and DC inspired this docuseries, and it will explore the history of this long-standing rivalry through interviews and re-enactments. If this series sounds familiar to you, it’s because two years ago, they announced it as coming to the Quibi platform. However, the quick implosion of Quibi last year ended those plans. But with Slugfest already in the can, and it was just a matter of it finding a new home. And at long last, it has.

In a statement, the Russo brothers said, “Audiences will leave Slugfest with a whole new of understanding of how the rivalry between two creative powerhouses shaped the iconic storylines and characters that fans around the world have come to know and love.”

We have a feeling this battle is even more brutal than anything we saw in any of their Marvel Studios movies.

DC's Justice League vs Marvel's Avengers, in art by George Perez.
DC Comics/Marvel Comics

As pointed out in the trailer, this rivalry has had many peaks and valleys. From DC stealing Marvel’s “Golden Boy” and chief architect Jack Kirby in the ’70s, to both companies running very similar concepts in their comics at the same time. Each publisher tried to one-up the other. Of course, in this decades-long war, they have had moments of truce. In these moments, the two companies cooperated to produce epic crossovers which fandom went wild for. We can’t wait to see every aspect of this “feud” explored in detail in this new series.

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