9 Marvel Comics SHE-HULK Clients the MCU Show Could Introduce

As you likely know already, She-Hulk isn’t just a superhero, she also fights for justice in the courts as a lawyer. With Jennifer Walters about to make her MCU debut, her legal career could be an interesting way to introduce some new Marvel Comics characters to the sprawling world of the MCU. A fun case-of-the-week setup could lead to us meeting some of She-Hulk’s clients or legal adversaries. We know some of the Marvel characters who will appear in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, like Wong and Daredevil, but we could see more! 

So we’ve put together a list of She-Hulk’s comic book friends and foes who may make an appearance as one of her clients… or a legal foe. This is all very much speculation, but if we’re right, they could constitute spoilers, so beware! 

Starfox Could Appear as She-Hulk’s Love Interest

A panel from Warlock #12 by Jim Starlin and Steve Leialoha shows Eros a man with red hair and red gloves sitting looking smug
Marvel Comics/Jim Starlin/Steve Leialoha

Let’s start with Harry Styles, a.k.a. Starfox. Introduced in one of Eternals’ two post-credits scenes, the intergalactic lothario feels like a likely inclusion. One of She-Hulk’s most notorious clients, the hero represented him against claims of sexual assault. While we doubt that storyline would come into play here—in the comics, the character can control the emotions and feelings of others—we wouldn’t be surprised to see him pop up for another crime. Or there’s always the option for Starfox to appear as a love interest for Jennifer on She-Hulk. In the comics, he manipulated the heroine into a relationship, but the MCU would likely reinterpret that as they have some of the more dodgy aspects of the comics in the past. Either way, these two have a complex history. 

Frog-Man May Be She-Hulk’s Deep-Cut Client

An image from the trailer of She-Hulk shows Frog-Man
Marvel Studios

While we don’t think there’s any comic book precedent for this one, we couldn’t not mention Frog-Man. The super deep-cut Marvel hero appeared in an early trailer for the show, so we’re thinking that he would make a great potential client for Shulkie. Debuting in 1982’s Marvel Team-Up #121, Frog-Man, a.k.a. Eugene Patilio, has a bleak backstory. His father was a failed inventor turned failed supervillain, and his mother died when Eugene was young. Trying to make up for his father’s (villain name: Leap-Frog) crimes, he became the hero Frog-Man. It’ll be very interesting to see how Frog-Man plays into She-Hulk, but as a client is our best guess! 

She-Hulk Could Help Kristoff Vernard (Doctor Doom Jr.) Escape His Father

An image from She-Hulk #4 shows She-Hulk and Kristoff Vernard facing down against Giant Doom
Marvel Comics/Charles Soule/Javier Pulido/Muntsa Vicente/Clayton Cowles

During the very entertaining Charles Soule and Javier Pulido She-Hulk series from 2014, Jen sets up her own law office. She-Hulk’s first client is a massive catch, the son of Doctor Doom himself. Kristoff Vernard is sick of his controlling father and doesn’t want to become a despot like him. So he decides to defect from Latveria. After being turned down by a ton of firms, he turns to Jen. This out-there tale perfectly establishes the superhero law that Jen is so good at. It also establishes Kristoff as an empathetic and thoughtful character despite his lineage. With the Fantastic Four on the way and Kang the Conqueror already here, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Jen pick up a case from the son of Marvel’s first family’s biggest foe. 

Greer, a.k.a the MCU’s Tigra, May Return in She-Hulk

An illustration shows Tigra holding Hawkeye in her hand
Marvel Comics/Stefano Caselli/Tríona Farrell

Another character that Marvel could lift from that very charming run would be Tigra. In the central mystery of the arc, She-Hulk deals with a strange Blue File she can’t remember anything about. It includes details on a lawsuit that impacts her and a series of other Marvel characters, including Shocker, Nightwatch, Wyatt Wingfoot, and Tigra. Hawkeye introduced us to an MCU character named Greer, which is, of course, is the name of Tigra’s alter-ego. So Jen taking on a case for her wouldn’t surprise us. It would also make a lot of sense to begin to introduce new heroes early in their careers. While we don’t expect to see the Blue File come into play, we think Tigra or a young Greer could easily take on a client role in the ongoing legal wrangling of She-Hulk

Juggernaut Has Been a Client of She-Hulk in Marvel’s Comics

An image from Deadpool 2 shows the Juggernaut wearing a large metal helmet and yellow prison scrubs
20th Century Studios

In the comics, She-Hulk has a tangled superheroic love life featuring numerous famous Marvel characters. To that we say good for her! One of the folks that She-Hulk hooked up with is Charles Xavier’s brother, Juggernaut. The famous X-Men villain and She-Hulk met when she represented him in Uncanny X-Men #435. After Cain Marko, a.k.a. Juggernaut, is caught in Canada, Charles retains She-Hulk to defend his sinister sibling. When Cain takes a turn to the good side, he impresses Jen with his banter, and the two decide to enjoy a fun hookup that almost destroys their humble lodgings. While we don’t expect Jen to hook up with a notorious X-Men villain in these nine episodes, he could definitely be a She-Hulk client in court. 

Woziah/Surge’s Appearance Would be a Fun Comics Reference

An image shows she-hulk telling off a criminal named Woziah
Marvel Comics/Simon Furman/Rik Levins/Keith Williams/Mark Heike/Steve Buccellato/Marie Javins/Jim Novak

This deep-cut pick feels very relevant to the sort of meta-fan-theory fun that the MCU shows delve into. While She-Hulk is trying to convince a Kingpin ally in FBI protection known as Woziah to talk, in a desolate land a strange alien named Surge is rampaging on a distant planet. How are these two tales connected? Well, that’s all revealed in Sensational She-Hulk #27. When a series of goons turn up to kill Woziah, She-Hulk comes face to face with Surge.

The handsome hunter reveals he wants to kill the men who came to kill Woziah, but Jen won’t let him. Jen believes Woziah was killed in the battle. But the final panel reveals it was all a setup by Surge so that he could meet She-Hulk and find the perfect mate. This was literally Surge’s only appearance so the show could have a lot of fun with this weird bit of She-Hulk history. 

Howard the Duck Would Make an Excellent She-Hulk Client

An animated Howard the Duck from Marvel's What If...? trailer
Marvel Studios

Howard the Duck as She-Hulk’s client definitely feels like the most likely tonal fit for She-Hulk, and it has comic book precedence. The humorous pair have long been tangling with each other, seeing as he’s a private detective and she’s the long green arm of the law. Their relationship goes back to the 1990’s Sensational She-Hulk #14, which was a cosmic romp through the multiverse. It wouldn’t be until much later that She-Hulk would actually represent Howard, though, in the 2007 Howard the Duck series. The reason he retains her is really interesting too. In that story, the Initiative has captured Howard, saying he needs to register as a superhuman. But She-Hulk successfully argues that, in fact, he’s just a duck! Could the Department of Damage Control in the MCU be doing the same thing? 

If they don’t follow that route, as Howard had such a large role in What… If?—including getting married to Darcy Lewis—there are plenty of ways he could pop up in the upcoming She-Hulk show. Considering where we first met Howard the Duck in the MCU, perhaps he could sue the Collector for keeping him imprisoned in his space museum? We’d love to see Howard the Duck appear as one of She-Hulk’s clients.

Spider-Man Villain Rhino Could Bring Low-Stakes Legal Drama to She-Hulk

An image from Women of Marvel #1 shows She-Hulk serving Rhino with a Cease and Desist for making fake avengers merch
Marvel Comics/Nadia Shammas/Skylar Partridge/Tríona Farrell

Creative team Nadia Shammas, Skylar Partridge, and Tríona Farrell introduced this fun conflict in 2021’s Women of Marvel one-shot. During an epic short story set at the National History Museum, we see She-Hulk chasing down Spider-Man villain Rhino. But she has a very specific reason: he’s been selling counterfeit Avengers merchandise, and she’s there to serve a Cease and Desist. This is the kind of low-stakes law and client drama that we expect She-Hulk to be most concerned with. Now whether or not the Sony/Marvel deal will allow Rhino to cameo is less clear, but either way, some fun meta licensing drama is almost certainly going to play into the wider show whether or not Rhino himself shows up. 

Mephisto Could Bring his Contracts to She-Hulk and the MCU

An image from Sensational She-Hulk 28 shows She-Hulk and Mephisto
Marvel Comics/Mike Zeck

Ah, so you thought you could get through one Marvel show without us mentioning Mephisto? WRONG! Now, sure, She-Hulk didn’t represent Mephisto. But she did get legally entangled with him after getting into debt. Thanks to some unfiled taxes, Jen ends up in a $50,000 hole. Mephisto quickly appears and promises her untold wealth if he licenses her image. But the catch is she’ll have to sell her soul if he makes her a billion dollars in a single year. Of course, that could never happen… could it?? This is a really fun issue that could introduce the much-rumored demonic Marvel figure. Plus, the way Jen gets out of her contract shows off her smarts and fits into the contemporary, feminist take on She-Hulk that the show is promising. We do hope we’ll see Mephisto in She-Hulk and the MCU.

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