Mark Hamill Runs STAR WARS Lines with Unsuspecting Fans in Force For Change Video

If there’s one thing the actors in  Star Wars love to do, it’s sneak up on unsuspecting fans while they’re being filmed. But it’s okay—it’s for a good cause. Namely, the Force For Change campaign that Lucasfilm puts on every year with charity fundraising website Omaze. This time around, they’re raising money to benefit both UNICEF and the Starlight Children’s Foundation. To thank the fans who’ve already contributed, they’ve sent Mark Hamill into the wild to run to lines from the movies with them… without telling them beforehand.

Naturally, hilarity ensued, and has now been compiled into a video that will definitely bring joy to your day. Check it out:

A special shout-out to the very first guy shouting, “NO! THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!” who realizes Mark Hamill is shouting right next to him and does not even skip a beat. Then again, if you were invited out of the blue to run lines for a video after contributing to an Omaze project, I sort of feel like you’d expect somebody cool to show up, right? Especially when the director brings out another actor to work with you and you can’t see his face, and he also sounds exactly like the joker from Batman: The Animated Series. I’m just saying.Bonus video, just in case you missed it: John Boyega did the same thing to Star Wars cosplayers taking pictures at Celebration in Orlando this year, thus proving that he will take up the mantle of resident good-natured prankster if Mark Hamill ever leaves the franchise. It’s nice to know the future is in good hands. Two of them, even, because Finn has exactly one more than Luke Skywalker does.

The Omaze campaign also boasts some seriously awesome prizes that you can learn more about on their website, like a trip to Skywalker Ranch or tickets to the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Which would you be most psyched to win? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Omaze

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