Ride MARIO KART’s Rainbow Road with New Hot Wheels Set

I have a love-hate relationship with Mario Kart‘s Rainbow Road. I love to race it, even though I freaking hate it. It’s not that I can’t win on that colorful track. Over the years I’ve learned how to stay on the path, like a steady goat walking on a mountainside of light. The problem is I can’t truly master that frustrating road. Those covert drops, where you can skip entire chunks of the track, pull me in like Charlie Brown trying to kick a football teed up by Lucy. Like Charlie, I end up flailing every time I try.

It’s maddening and always will be. But it’s not something I’ll have to worry about with Hot Wheels’ newest set. It recreates the Rainbow Road with all of the splendor, but without any of the falls into oblivion.

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road Raceway set in full, with the track in a big S curve shapeHot Wheels

Amazon now has a listing for Hot Wheels new Mario Kart Rainbow Road Raceway. According to IGN, where we first came across the set, it comes with both Mario and King Boo racers. You can also configure it to serve as a straightaway track, or curve it into more appropriate curved track.

In total the raceway measures 40.35-inches by 48.03-inches by 27.4-inches. The entire set weighs 10.22 pounds. We would have imagined a track made of light wouldn’t have any weight, but you learn something new everyday. Marked for ages four and up, it does require three AAA batteries for the scoreboard.

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road Raceway set in full, with the track in a straight lineHot Wheels

The track’s strange, unceremonious listing was an accident. And all preorders, made when it was available at $119.99, are invalid. Hot Wheels provided us with a statement as to what happened, along with when customers can expect to see the set in stores.

“Hot Wheels new Mario Kart Rainbow Road track set was mistakenly posted for pre-sale on Amazon over the weekend. While we love to see fans’ excitement about the new product, it was listed in error. Customers who purchased it via pre-sale can receive a full refund by requesting one on Amazon. The Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road track set will be available for purchase this summer, so fans can keep an eye out for more details in the coming months.”

The beginning of the track for Hot Wheels Rainbow Road Raceway, which shows the back of the cars getting ready to go in front of the starting lightsHot Wheels

If you’re looking to get ready for the set, Hot Wheels already sells Mario Kart vehicles. You can practice racing them on other tracks.

However, Hot Wheels does not offer a way to deal with the frustration of seeing your toy car accidentally fly off the Rainbow Road. I could really use that.

Featured Image: Hot Wheels

This post originally published March 16, 2021, and updated on March 17.