Two Rival Marching Bands Allied for a GAME OF THRONES Halftime Show

For college football fans the most important thing to come out of last week’s game between Michigan and Penn State was how lopsided the result was. The Wolverines destroyed the Nittany Lions 42-7, bolstering Michigan’s chances to play for a national championship this season. So why are we telling you, someone who might not care about college football at all, any of this? Because the most amazing performance of the day came when the teams left the field at halftime and the two schools’ bands joined forces for an amazing musical homage to Game of Thrones.This epic-sized show, which we came across at Geekologie, saw the Michigan Marching Band and the Penn State Blue Band unite in Ann Arbor like two great Houses for a Westeros tribute. Playing a medley of songs from the show–which included the title track, “Rains of Castamere,” “Light of the Seven,” “Reign,” “Spoils of War,” “Winds of Winter,” and “Mhysa”–they also organized into different formations, the highlights being the astrolabe from the opening credits and a massive dragon.

What are the odds the Super Bowl halftime show will be more entertaining than this? The only thing that would have made this better was if at the end of it the Michigan Marching Band turned on the Penn State Blue Band.But hey, maybe Michigan is saving that for a potential national championship game. The most shocking moments Game of Thrones moments tend to happen near the end of the season.

Featured Image: Michigan Marching Band / University Of Michigan

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