The trees are changing colors. The nights are getting cooler. And swimming pools are closing. But don’t bemoan the end of summer. Fall is a great time of year, especially you’re a fan of its signature seasonal treat. We’re officially in the pumpkin spice season. You don’t have to drink a coffee to enjoy it either. Just about everything comes in that flavor now. And we do mean everything. A state-by-state map showing the top Google searches for pumpkin spice foods features some pretty weird dishes and drinks.

A state-by-state map showing the top pumpkin spice food Google searches for eachGoogle Trends

Google Trends put together a map of the United States showing each state’s most common pumpkin spice related food search from August 19 to the 26. Many states look for the basic coffee-related items you’d expect. That includes lattes, ice coffees, and cold brews. Others are in the same vein, with items to make any coffee a seasonal brew. Items like PS creamers and syrups. Pumpkin spice tea and hot chocolate mix sound tasty too. And plenty of foods are normal fall fare. From cinnamon rolls and bread, to cookies and cupcakes, we’d like to eat all of them. Especially Georgia’s PS ice cream which sounds perfect.

But there are also some real weird items to be found around this nation. Seven states, spread out across the country, are looking for pumpkin spice cheesecake enchiladas. A “cheesecake enchilada” is strange enough on its own. Like someone pulled two random foods out of a hat and Frankenstein’ed a dish. Adding pumpkin spice to that mix feels like nihilism you can eat. (That is until you Google it yourself and realize it’s actually amazing and not what it sounds like at all. Whew!)

Pumpkin spice margaritas the people of Florida and South Carolina enjoy sound pretty strange though. At least they would until we drank five of them and declared it the best drink ever.

We do have to take some responsibility here though. We’re part of the reason three states are Googling the single weirdest item here: pumpkin spice ramen. Last month we told you about Nissin’s special/unlikely/bizarre pumpkin spice Cup Noodles.


Would we still like to try it? Yes, obviously. But everyone in America should know it’s not at the top of our pumpkin spice wish list. And it shouldn’t be at the top of yours either. No matter which state you live in.