Man Joyously Starts Pillow Fights with Random Strangers

The past couple of years have been, well, let’s face it, rough. But the internet provides many moments of reprieve from the world. These moments go viral not just because of the content but because right now, finding joy offers smiles and little glimmers of hope. From all the viral TikTok trends (remember the skateboarding Cranberry Juice guy?) to the memes (hello Bernie and his mittens), we have found ways to keep laughing.

One such video keeps reappearing when things get tough. Finally, thanks to Reddit, we caught a glimpse of that video from the before times. And that video is of a man who, totally out of the blue, gives strangers a pillow, and then starts a random pillow fight.

Goubtube, a popular Kuwaiti influencer, created the video in 2019, but audiences seem to gravitate to every few months. The video is a compilation of moments he’s shared of his vacation in Mexico. His Instagram channel boasts over a million followers alone. But, of course, he also has over 12 million followers on TikTok.

Goubtube, A Kuwaiti Influencer, pillow fights with strangers in the streets of Mexico. Goubtube

Some of the participants seem a little shocked when he gives them a pillow at first, but most catch on. And then they quickly get in on the pillow fighting action. At the end of each pillow fight, you can see the unexpecting participants start to laugh and, on occasion, high-five the influencer. So there’s zero question as to whether or not they enjoyed it.

There isn’t much other information about the pillow fights. And we can’t be sure if Goubtube warns the random people beforehand. But you can’t help but giggle along with the shenanigans, especially when it brings laughter to so many people. And one thing is for certain: laughter never goes out of style. We can’t wait to see where Goubtube takes the pillow fights next. Hopefully, to a new city, with more feathers getting ruffled and spreading joy as well.

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