Make Mine Meta: Add Pretense to Your Next Game Night

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Pretense is a game with no board, no dice rolls, and no turns, but you play it all game night long. Mind blown already? There’s more: Pretense is a game-within-your-other-games (like a Game-ception) that you play while in the middle of your Pathfinder adventure or when you’re placing your tiles in Tsuro.

The self-described “social metagame” begins at the start of your game night or International TableTop Day celebration. Pretense is best played with a large group, up to 12 players, each with a unique role for the duration of the game.

Every player chooses one role card, and you must complete the goal on the card to win another player’s card. The player with the most cards at the end of the game-playing session is the winner.

Sounds easy, right? It might be a simple idea, but you’ll have to be ninja-stealthy to complete your task. Maybe you’ll be “The Bookworm” and your goal is to talk another player into handing you the rulebook. Or perhaps you’re the “King,” and you need to somehow trick someone into sitting in your chair.

Then again, if you’re “The Klutz” and your dice usually tend to roll off the table every game night anyway, you might be safe.

If you’re busted at any point when attempting to complete your card, another player can call you out and win your role card for themselves. Be sneaky, be smart, and oh, don’t forget to pay attention the other game you’re playing at the same time.

Adding an extra layer of gaming on top of your game night isn’t as expensive as you think. At just $9.99,  Pretense is a solid investment for an entire game session’s worth of fun. Pick it up when you’re visiting your favorite game store on International TableTop Day.

What other ways do you spice up your game night? Let us know in the comments!

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