Magneto Mod Turns GRAND THEFT AUTO V Into a Mutant Apocalypse

The mutant age has just begun, in a new Grand Theft Auto V mod for PC. Magneto, Marvel’s master of magnetism, has been added to GTA V, and he’s on a rampage in the following clip. In this world, the X-Men aren’t around to challenge Magneto, and he’s got a bit of a cruel streak compared to his comic book and movie counterparts. Regardless, it looks like he’s a lot of fun to play with!

Via Kotaku, this mod was created by  JulioNIB, a prolific GTA V fan who has created several customized mods for this game. JulioNIB’s Magneto appears to take most of his influence from the first X-Men movie, with his powers amped up to eleven. While Magneto doesn’t appear to be invulnerable, he does have his magnetic force field and the ability to manipulate metallic objects large and small. Magneto makes it look easy to turn cars and trains into impromptu weapons.

JulioNIB appears to have thought of everything, including Magneto’s favorite trick: taking weapons away from humans and turning them back on their users. Magneto is so powerful that the video eventually cuts away from his slaughter to focus on the property damage he can cause. It’s too bad that there isn’t an official X-Men game with a similar open world. Watching Magneto in action makes us realize that it would be tremendously fun to do the same with Marvel’s other mutant heroes and villains.

What do you think about the GTA V Magneto mod? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Image: JulioNIB

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