MADAGASCAR’s Penguins Face Peril in BALDUR’S GATE 3 Mashup Video

It seems like, for many people, Baldur’s Gate 3 is a nearly perfect game. After all, it offers you all the fun of Dungeons & Dragons and all the thrills of a well-made video game. Not to mention, its characters are incredibly romanceable, and its story is well-woven and full of nuance. But, I think we can also all agree that one thing desperately missing from Baldur’s Gate 3 is more penguins. Are there any penguins in the game? I couldn’t swear there aren’t, but even if there are, they are most definitely not Madagascar‘s set of hilarious birds. But fear not, an intrepid fan has made the mashup of our dreams. Get your battle armor on and strap in, because Madagascar‘s penguins flap right into the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 in this hilarious video.

Karlach and penguins? Gale and penguins? Be still our beating hearts! The only thing missing obviously is Madagascar‘s penguins meeting Baldur’s Gate 3 fan-favorite Astarion. But maybe that’s for the sequel mashup video. We have to commend creator eli_handle_b․wav, the combination of movies is seamless here. We really do feel like these brave penguins are fighting monsters and chitchatting with our favorite heroes and co. And honestly, this video really is just laugh-out-loud funny. It should greatly delight any fans of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Right now, we don’t think there are plans to bring penguins in as playable characters in Baldur’s Gate 3. But maybe there really ought to be. After all, these birds have moves, they have jokes, and they certainly are not afraid of a little danger. True-heart paladins if we ever saw any… Or well, they try. “There is no greater sacrifice than someone else’s” feels like a very chaotic good statement to us. And hey, there’s always character development.

Madagascar's penguins meet Baldur's Gate 3's Gale

Penguins of Baldur’s Gate 3, we salute you.

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