Fan Trailer for LORD OF THE RINGS Video Game Is So Good We Wish It Was Real

What better time to release a Lord of the Rings video game than just before the new series The Rings of Power comes out? Sadly, that’s not actually happening. But an imaginative trailer shows clips of a Lord of the Rings game we really wish was real. Check out the video below, showing a Lord of the Rings game made with Unreal Engine 5 game creation software, and you’ll see just how epic it would be. From Rivendell to Mordor, every scene is gorgeous. We can image the gameplay, from battling Helms Deep to writing books in the Shire.

We saw this tease of a trailer on CBR. The Enfant Terrible YouTube channel compiles many other video game trailers using Unreal Engine. It’s a game engine made by Epic Games and is used in both real video games and fan videos. It’s even part of ILM’s creation of the volume to create digital sets for The Mandalorian and other shows.

Creators have used the software to make fan videos for every franchise. And even long-forgotten Disney theme park rides. But it’s also part of some of the most popular games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to the Batman: Arkham series. Unreal Engine 5 was released a few months ago and we can only guess at how it’s going to be integrated into our entertainment for years to come. And even our everyday lives. Other virtual environment applications include in the medical and architectural design fields.

The front door of a Hobbit hole in the Shire, a screenshot from a fan trailer for a Lord of the Rings video game
Enfant Terrible

While there have been many iterations of video games based in Middle-earth, none of them look quite as beautiful as this version. Here’s hoping one as epic as the trilogy itself someday. The real question is, would the video game include Tom Bombadil?

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