New LORD OF THE RINGS Keyboards Go Full Elvish (and Dwarvish)

Remember back in the day when The Lord of the Rings trilogy came out, and you decided to learn Elvish? It’s okay, we were right there with you. Well, if you still have nostalgia for the time in your life when you decided to master the languages of Middle-earth, the folks at Drop have the perfect thing for you. These officially licensed The Lord of the Rings keyboards will allow you to type every email, spreadsheet, and social media post as if you were a citizen of Rivendell. Last year, we told you about how Drop released keycaps based on Lord of the Rings. But these actual keyboards are superior.

Drop+ Lord of the Rings keyboard with Elvish in orange, white, and green.

The Drop + Elvish Keyboard has MT3 Elvish keycaps, and pre-built features like a matching green aluminum case. It includes custom artwork depicting the Two Trees of Valinor. Inside, it has Holy Panda X Switches and Phantom Stabilizers. All are equipped to deliver a typing experience that would make the House of Elrond proud. Completing this incredible keyboard are keycaps from the Training Elvish Base Kit, featuring Tengwar legends with Sindarin phrases, Latin alpha sublegends, and side-printed Latin modifier legends. You can pre-order the Elvish keyboard now for $169.00.

But what if your Middle-earth loyalties lie a little further underground? What if you are more aligned with the Dwarf Lords? Well, then worry not, because Drop also has a Drop+ keyboard representing them as well. The Dwarvish keyboard features a dark gray aluminum case with custom artwork showcasing the Doors of Durin. On the inside, it contains Holy Panda X Switches and Phantom Stabilizers just as the Elvish one does. To truly make this a keyboard that Gimli would love, it features keycaps from the Training Dwarvish Base Kit, featuring Cirth legends with Khuzdul phrases. Like the Elvish keyboard, this one will set you back $169.00.

Regardless of which Lord of the Rings keyboard you choose, either one would be the talk of the Green Dragon Inn, and the envy of every respectable Hobbit.

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