LOKI’s TVA Headquarters Is a Real Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia

It is the greatest dream of many a fan to step into the world of the story they most love. In other words, there are plenty of people out there who’d give anything to live in the MCU. Once inside, there are a good plenty landmarks a touring fan would likely visit. Stark Tower, natch. All of Wakanda, of course. Westview, if you could guarantee a safe trip back out. Alas, we may never quite win the chance to set foot inside the Sanctum Sanctorum or cross Bifrost Bridge. However, there is at least one (newly minted) MCU locale that welcomes real-world visitors on the regular. If you’re within traveling distance of Atlanta, Georgia, you can visit Loki‘s Time Variance Authority headquarters any time you wish.

Three statues of Time Keepers in the large TVA building from Loki.

Marvel Studios

And it won’t even entail being apprehended by a dimension-hopping hunter. In real life, the TVA HQ is in fact the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel. Perhaps it’d be more appropriate to say that the Atlanta Marriott Marquis is the TVA’s Variant in our reality; however, this is no swamp reptile complement to Tom Hiddleston. The interior of the hotel evidently boasts the sci-fi veneer that enlivened the backdrop of the Disney+ series. Design Taxi first pointed out the connection; you can take a look by way of the establishment’s Instagram.

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The building is located at 265 Peachtree Center Ave NE in the state’s capital city. Unlike on Loki, it is not overrun by gear-clad hunters, statues honoring otherworldly supremacies, or sentient cartoon clocks. It’s simply a neat looking hotel situated in the part of the country where Marvel hosts a lot of its production. So perhaps one day, if you are so inclined, you can spend a night in the would-be TVA. Maybe you’ll get to live out your dreams of unraveling the mysteries of the Sacred Timeline. Or maybe you’ll get pruned. Traveling is always a crapshoot.

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