The Very Cute THOR Callback in This Week’s LOKI

What was life on Asgard like? The world appeared in multiple Marvel films before its destruction in Thor: Ragnarok. It seemed like a radiant home for its thousands of citizens, gentle and prosperous. And maybe the site of regular ragers? In between travels to the other realms and battles, it seems like Asgardians spent a lot of time celebrating and smashing drinkware. Something we first saw in Thor and that the newest episode of Loki, “Lamentis,” called back to.

The latest installment of the Disney+ series saw Loki and Sylvie on Lamentis, a world facing imminent destruction. Chunks of another planet rained down from above, explosions dotted the fiery landscape. And Loki… well, Loki tossed back some drinks. On a train towards the “Ark,” a life raft off the doomed planet, Loki relaxed with cocktails. He appreciated one of them so much that he gleefully threw the empty glass down and shouted, “Another!”

A gif of Loki smashing a glass and saying Another


Ah, nothing says appreciation of a drink like smashing its receptacle to bits.

The exuberant moment of course recalled a similar move from Thor his first eponymous film. When Thor enjoyed a coffee from a diner, he liked it so much he tossed the mug on the ground and said, “Another!” Then Jane Foster schooled him about appropriate behavior on Earth and how it does not include smashing drinkware.

A gif of Thor breaking a coffee cup and saying Another


The callback in Loki was very cute, very sweet. But it made me wonder: how much of a custom is that on Asgard? Did only members of the royal family do it because of privilege? Does everyone smash ceramics after they enjoy a beverage? We’re imagining the aftermath of a party that’s just a sea of shards on the floor. Do the potters on Asgard appreciate all this business or just roll their eyes all the time? We have important questions—ones that will probably never get answers.

Featured Image: Marvel

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