Lizzie McGuire Is the Latest Surprise HOW I MET YOUR FATHER Cameo

This is what dreams are made of. How I Met Your Father has been delighting fans with surprise cameos since it premiered. Mostly, of course, the HIMYF guests have come from the world of How I Met Your Mother. But now, the very special Hilary Duff Television Universe has come full circle. In the most recent How I Met Your Father episode, a flashback to Sophie Tompkins’ past revealed none other than Lizzie McGuire herself.

There was a lot of hope for a Lizzie McGuire sequel series a little while ago, but it never panned out. So this is the next best thing, we guess. In a way, Sophie and Lizzie are fairly similar, and now they even share an origin. The clip from the season two premiere of Lizzie McGuire, which now also lives in How I Met Your Father, permanently ties the two characters together.

Lizzie McGuire appears on How I Met Your Father
Hulu/Disney Channel

It’s not the typical MO for shows, but when Disney owns most things, anything is possible. Although the clip does not confirm HIMYF is a sequel to Lizzie McGuire, it certainly invites us to imagine. Hey now, hey now, we’ll take it.

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