Lindsey Stirling Brings MAD MAX Vibes to Her New Video

Lindsey Stirling, violinist extraordinaire and patron saint of those who regret not practicing violin more as a kid, is out with another kickass music video. Lindsey manages to get better and better with everything she does, and her latest offering in “The Arena”, the first single off her new album, Brave Enough, is nothing short of amazing.

The concept of the video is based on a quote by Theodore Roosevelt that speaks against critics and placing your worth, self-esteem, and value on the opinions of others. As Roosevelt says, “The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.” It’s a pretty important message for all of us, and one that is important to Lindsey herself. Of course, because its Lindsey Stirling music video, there’s a TON to look at in addition to the powerful message. “The Arena” is set in a literal arena, featuring a competition held in a Mad Maxlike, post-apocalyptic setting. But what makes this video so cool, like all things Lindsey Stirling, is the dancing.We all knew that Lindsey is a talented dancer and violinist, but she definitely sets the bar super high for her latest video by performing a tango with Derek Hough. It’s nothing short of gorgeous, and a bit of a new direction for Lindsay as she spends most of the video dancing with Derek instead of with her violin. Of course, she definitely does feature plenty of her trademark dancing-while-violining (which really makes me embarrassed when I trip while texting and walking), but the tango really adds something extra to the video. Choreographed by Derek, the dance really highlights how Lindsey has evolved as an artist since she first came on the scene back in the early 00’s.

What do you think of Lindsey’s new music video? What are some of your other Lindsey Stirling faves? Tell us about it in the comments!

Feature Image Credit: Lindsey Stirling

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