Lin-Manuel Miranda, Please Write a SAGA Musical

Imagine this: you order tickets for a new musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda. You arrive to the theater and wait for the opening number. The story is a romantic one about a couple, Alana and Marko, that comes together despite being from opposing sides of a longtime war. They get married and have a child, Hazel. And oh yeah, they’re aliens and they’re on the run from groups and mercenaries that see them as traitors. It’s a musical based on Saga by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples, and no, the idea of Miranda adapting the comic for the stage isn’t in the works, but yes, it would be completely perfect.

Speaking with Vulture (via io9) about the next arc of the comic, Vaughan and Staples joked they’d be down to have Miranda translate the tale into a musical. And while they also mentioned they don’t currently have any plans to adapt the story, given the weighty themes, the fantastical elements, and the incredible visuals, it’s not hard to imagine this stunning comic series coming alive on the screen…or the stage.

Vaughan told Vulture, “We’ve never spoken with Mr. Miranda, but seeing Hamilton on stage was one of the greatest experiences of my artistic life, and it’s a ridiculous honor to know he reads our work. I know I said we’re not pursuing adaptations, but if Lin-Manuel ever wants to mount a Saga musical, it’s all his, wouldn’t you say, Fiona?”

Staples is in too, and so are we. Would Lying Cat have a rap? Would Prince Robot IV’s songs have a staticky edge? And just imagine the musical arc for Gwendolyn. Adapting it would be a challenge, to be sure, but after  HamiltonI’m fully aboard the Miranda trust train. And he’s a fan of the comic, as he told the New York Times.

Would you like to see Saga turned into a musical? Share your pitches for song titles in the comments below.

Images: Image Comics

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