Lin-Manuel Miranda Dropped an All New HAMILTON Track

This week has been… a very long week. And as it finally comes to a close we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for anything that might make your days a little sweeter and your nights a little less dark. Luckily, Lin-Manuel Miranda was thinking of us all during this trying time and decided to bless us with a previously unreleased song from the smash Broadway hit Hamilton  on Twitter .

He shared the amid news of Broadway going dark due to COVID-19, a.k.a. coronavirus concerns.

The song is called “I Have a Friend” and features Alexander Hamilton seeking advice from George Washington about how to handle the inevitable scandal that will come from his affair with Maria Reynolds. The affair is one of the defining moments from the show and from Hamilton’s life. It’s widely seen as one of the reasons that he was never be able to run for president.

If you’re wondering where this new song would fit in the wider scope of the show,  Miranda shared the details on SoundCloud. The writer revealed, “This was my first draft of the song before “The Reynolds Pamphlet.” With Hamilton & Washington. I don’t think I even showed it to Tommy Kail. It would go where “Hurricane” is now. Stay safe out there. Love you.”

Kail is the Tony award-winning director of Hamilton.

You can listen to the full song below!

The blockbuster musical has become a worldwide phenomenon and centers on the life and times of Alexander Hamilton. Manuel has since become a massive celebrity who has written Oscar-nominated songs for films such as Mary Poppins Returns, and Moana. With versions of the show currently playing around the world, Hamilton has barely been out of the news. It’s recently been even more relevant with the news that Disney has acquired the rights to a film version of the show that was recorded with the original cast.

According to our very own Mikey Walsh, the Disney version will “consist of recordings done during the original Broadway run. Exactly what it will look like though is unclear. The statement announcing the deal said this will mark a ‘leap forward in the art’ of live capture. It promises to transport viewers ‘into the world of the Broadway show in a uniquely intimate way.’ Disney says it combines ‘the best elements of live theater and film.'”

Lin-Manuel Miranda Just Dropped a Never Before Released HAMILTON Track_1


We’re very appreciative of Miranda sharing something to unite the internet during what has been a rather intense week. Bonus: we’re always excited to get a look inside how creatives craft the things we love. “I Have a Friend” is a great reminder of the fact that people are making wonderful art, sharing it, and keeping others in mind this month. That’s something we’ll be channeling as we venture through March and 2020.

Featured Image: PBS

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