Lin-Manuel Miranda Made an Amazing Galentine’s Day Playlist

It’s February 13th, which means it is officially one of the best days of the year: Galentine’s Day—a holiday started by the amazing (albeit fictional) Leslie Knope on NBC’s dearly departed series, Parks and Recreation. If you’ve never heard of the holiday before, Galentine’s is a day where women get together and celebrate friendship, one another, and waffles. Always waffles. It’s a fantastic holiday, but for the longest time, it had been missing the proper musical accompaniment.

Thankfully, the internet’s collective bestie, Lin-Manuel Miranda, has gifted the world with yet another amazing playlist, this time perfectly crafted for any Galentine’s Day festivities you may have going on. As we all have seen with the Hamilton Mixtape and his own Spotify account, Miranda is no stranger to whipping up a pretty killer mix.

He most certainly doesn’t disappoint with his latest playlist, pulling in musical stylings that span decades, from all sorts of amazing female artists (with a cover photo of the original Schuyler Sisters, because who better to represent Galentine’s Day than the women who brought us #AndSisterhood). But with badass women from Queen Latifah, Destiny’s Child, Regina Spektor, Florence and the Machine, and more, this playlist is sure to set just the right mood for any Galentine’s Day celebrations you and your girls have planned. Even better, like any good playlist, this one is fun to listen to year-round, keeping that Galentine’s Day spirit alive 365 days a year.

If you don’t already follow Miranda on Spotify, I’d recommend remedying that quickly. So far his account has four fantastic public playlists, Add Yourself, Amaze and Astonish, Rise Up Eyes Up Wise Up, and his Galentine’s Day playlist. It seems like he has a lot of fun making these playlists for us, so we can hope there are many more for in the future!

I mean, no pressure, Lin, but also, please make us more fun playlists. Be sure to let us know your thoughts about it as well as your favorite Galentine’s Day tunes in the comments!

Image credit: Nathan Hughes Hamilton/ Flickr

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