You Can Pre-Order a Limited-Edition DUNE: PART TWO 4K Steelbook

We had to wait much longer than we wanted to see Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two, for reasons that had nothing to do with the movie. It had everything to do with studios dragging their feet on giving writers and actors fair contracts. But turns out there might have been an unexpected bonus to the film’s delay. It just arrived in theaters, yet it’s home release is already done and waiting for you. Movie lovers can already pre-order their own copy of Dune: Part Two, including a special Limited-Edition 4K Steelbook copy.

Dune: Part Two's Steelbook fully opened and on display
Warner Bros./Legendary/Studio Distribution Services

Some big-time retailers have already listed Dune: Part Two for sale. Fans and Fremen alike can put in their orders for a Dune: Part Two Steelbook 4K Ultra HD copy that also includes a Blu-Ray disc and a digital code. As of this writing Walmart lists the Steelbook edition for $34.96, while Amazon has it at $44.97. (We’ll bet that price will come down to match other sites soon enough.)

Amazon also has other options for lower prices available. Those include a standard 4K UHD copy ($39.98), as well as both a regular Blu-ray edition ($29.98) and a DVD version ($23.99).

Paul kneels down with a robe on in Dune: Part Two
Warner Bros./Legendary

The listings for the film don’t include any bonus features yet. As for when it will actually ship or hit stores, Amazon lists a May 14, 2024 release date. That could be totally accurate right now but still ultimately change. Dune: Part Two had a monster opening weekend. If it is still making money in theaters when May rolls around, you might have to wait a little bit longer to get your own copy. That’s fitting for a film that also got delayed.

The good news is this time a delay will be a lot easier to handle. You’ll actually be able to watch Dune: Part Two while you’re waiting to watch Dune: Part Two.

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