These Light-Up Dice Bring the Party to Your D&D Party

There’s a Dungeons & Dragons adventuring party… and then there’s a Dungeons & Dragons party. Pixels Dice are an incredibly innovative twist on dice that will literally bring new energy to your tabletop. The light-up flashing LED dice are programmable by an accompanying smartphone app and charge wirelessly.

Do we even need to keep telling you about these electronic dice before you bolt to back them? We will, but don’t take too long reading. Pixels Dice are only on Kickstarter for a limited time.

A close look at Pixels Electronic Dice, glowing and sparkling

Systemic Games

Pixels Dice are the result of years of iteration. Developed by Systemic Games, a six-sided die developed in 2017 was just the first prototype. Since then, the team has refined and designed an entire seven dice set for tabletop role-playing games, including the d20.

Worried about balance? The team has paid attention to every detail to ensure a fair roll. Charging coils and LED lights are housed seamlessly inside each resin die. And even better, it all fits inside a standard size die. (However, the light-up dice are a little heavier than standard acrylic die.)

Take a look at the flashy dice in action.

Pixels developed an app to take the dice to the next level with programmable LEDs. Whether you want a flashy roll that’s bright enough to light up the entire table or a gentle glow that’s always on, the app connects to the dice through Bluetooth to make magic happen. This connectivity gives the app the option to communicate to other platforms, says Systemic Games, who is already in talks with D&D Beyond and Roll20 for additional integration.

Visit the Pixels Dice Kickstarter page now to find out more about the light-up dice development, balance, recharging, bonuses for backing, and so much more. We can’t wait to get our hands on these cutting-edge electronic dice.

Featured Image: Systemic Games

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