LEGO Tapas Assembly Line Factory Serves Snacks and Fun

There are two types of snacks, but neither is defined by size, food, or even taste. There are snacks that require no work to enjoy and then there are snacks that take a lot of effort. Lazy snacks are great because you can just eat them as is. These are your Cheez-Its and Oreos. But more complicated snacks require time and energy, and often silverware. Like a mini quiche. Everyone loves mini quiches, but making them is a whole thing. But one skilled LEGO builder has created an entirely new category of snack by creating an amazing but convoluted tapas assembly line.

And while it might not make snacking simple, this LEGO Tapas Factory makes the process of prepping a “quick” bite a lot more fun to watch.

This absurd/incredible contraption (which we heard about at Laughing Squid) comes from YouTuber The Brick Wall. Made of LEGO it also uses 19 LEGO PF motors, five BuWizz Bricks, and “four weeks of hard work.”

The idea for this machine came after a family trip to Barcelona.

“After long day of visiting touristic places my parents enjoyed the evening in the small restaurant, they were like kids in the candy store going after different tapas every evening. For sure it was very special and unforgettable experience.”

We don’t remember many candy stores with LEGO assembly lines, but we really wish those existed. Of course, we also wish there were Spanish tapas restaurant that served up dishes with an ice cold beer via a little LEGO car.

_1The Brick Wall

That doesn’t mean we’re going to go out and try to build one of these ourselves. (As if we could.) Obviously this is an insane amount of work. And you still need to cut and prep all of the food. This machine doesn’t eliminate most of the necessary work.

But we still love this, because our favorite type of snack is a complicated one someone else prepared for us.

Featured Image: The Brick Wall

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