Luke’s Landspeeder Is LEGO’s Newest Ultimate STAR WARS Set

You might long for your own Millennium Falcon or X-wing, but not me. While those would be amazing ships to have, there’s also no chance I could fly either. I’d hyperspace right into a comet or accidentally blow up my neighbor’s house. That’s why I’ve always fantasized about possessing a Star Wars vehicle I not only think I could handle but one that might be a reality someday. I want Luke’s landspeeder from A New Hope. And while the technology to make a small hovercraft isn’t there just yet, LEGO will still let me bring one home with its newest set from the galaxy far, far away. That’s right, the LEGO Ultimate Collector Series is welcoming a new Star Wars set into its collection, Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder has landed.

LEGO's Star Wars Luke landspeeder completely built and on display. The LEGO Ultimate Collector Series expands with the new LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker Landspeeder set.

Star Wars’ official website was the first to announce LEGO’s latest collectible for the franchise. The new 1,890-piece X-34 landspeeder is a high-end replica of Luke’s favorite vehicle for zipping around Tatooine. And while it’s not life-sized (some day!), it will still take up a big spot on your bookshelf. This Star Wars LEGO landspeeder measures 4-inches high, 12-inches wide, and 20-inches deep.

It comes loaded with authentic features, too. These features include a molded windscreen to keep sand out of the dual-seat cockpit. The landspeeder also has a driving stick and detailed dashboard display. There’s also a repulsorlift thruster to keep the speeder floating over the ground. And the set comes with random scrap parts and a missing port turbine cover. This LEGO set might be new, but it looks as used and driven as it did in the first Star Wars film.

The collection also comes with two Minifigures. Luke Skywalker can take a newly designed C-3PO LEGO figure for a ride. Or they can stand with the collection’s display base, which keeps the landspeeder “hovering.”

LEGO Star Wars Minifigures of Luke and C-3PO

Designed for ages 18+, LEGO VIPs can order theirs on May 1. The set goes on sale ($199.99) at LEGO Stores and on Star Wars Day, May 4. I just hope one day they also announce an actual, working landspeeder, too. (I also hope I’m right and I will be able to handle it.)

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