STAR WARS and LEGO Make Beautiful Music Together in the Droid Commander Orchestra

Are you a Star Wars fan? A LEGO fan? Both? (We know a lot of you are out there in the “both” category.) Then this is sure to put a nice wide grin on your face. This new video from the folks at LEGO (via Geekologie) contains a whopping 95 LEGO Star Wars Boost droids, among them 46 R2-D2s, 25 GONK droids, and 24 of those squeaky little mouse droids. Together, they perform John Williams’ classic Star Wars theme on 4 cellos, 10 violins, 8 xylophones, 8 keyboards, and various percussion instruments. You can watch this delightful Droid Commander Orchestra down below:

This entire musical experience was made possible by British musician and technology aficionado Sam Battle, famous for his website Look Mum, No Computer. This guy once made a musical flamethrower and an organ made out of Furbies (someone had to eventually find a good use for those things). Battle is a classic mad genius inventor for the 21st Century, and I say this in the best possible way. A lot of his creations are simply mind blowing.

To make this happen LEGO Star Wars magic happen, Battle used some thirty iPads to control the whole thing. And if you think this took an insane amount of time to set up, you’d be right on the money. The entire build and then the actual setup of the orchestra took a mind melting 3,148 hours.

Hopefully we see some more of these LEGO Star Wars droid musical numbers. I mean, BB-8 has got to get in on the action at some point, right? And Chopper from Rebels? And there’s got to be a LEGO IG-88 out there, right? Hopefully Sam Battle and LEGO have figured out a way to do something similar in less time. You know, something more reasonable for a human being, like 2,000 man hours instead of over 3,000.

Images: LEGO

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