Video Shows LEGO STAR WARS Luke Skywalker’s Many Faces

The Skywalker Family Saga spanned three different trilogies and more than 40 years. That’s a whole lot of story. And that meant a whole lot of costume changes for Mark Hamill. We first met the great hope of the galaxy far, far away when he was a young moisture farmer on Tatooine. We then saw him became a hero of the Rebellion, a great Jedi, and a total recluse. And that doesn’t even cover everything he was and everything he did. But you can see all aspects of the legendary figure’s life on display in a new montage from the LEGO Star Wars game.

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No one, not even George Lucas, could have imagined what the future held for Luke Skywalker when A New Hope premiered in 1977. That filmed launched one of the biggest, most enduring, most popular franchises in the world. And at the center of all of it was Anakin’s son. Luke began life as a mopey kid with a mop of hair and a desire to break free of his boring life. What he got was a life of adventure, heartbreak, triumph, and failure. One that brought him all across the galaxy.

And he had great costumers to help him during his many travels. Because, as this video highlights, he’s had to wear a whole lot of different outfits over the years. (No wonder he ended up with a bad back. It can’t be easy sitting in a tiny X-Wing cockpit all the time. Especially when you have to wear a tight flight suit instead of flowing Jedi robes.)

Three different eras of Luke Skywalker in LEGO form

You can see all of Luke’s many forms in the supersized LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga game. It covers all nine feature films in the series that followed that infamous family. Anakin Skywalker didn’t undergo nearly as many costume changes, though. He spent three of his six movie wearing the same suit. That’s why even though he might have been a Sith Lord we bet he was much more popular with the costume department.

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