This LEGO Robotic Toothbrush Also Shoots Mouthwash

Brick Science’s latest build is an automatic toothbrush tricked out with accessories that shoot mouthwash and launch plaque-disclosing tablets. When challenged to make a robotic LEGO toothbrush, creator Riley quickly decides to add catapults, conveyor belts, and launchers. It’s clear this is going to be a chaotic build. The video (below) also involves some subtitles as he talks with his mouth full of toothpaste. He is the only volunteer for the necessary human trials after all. 

What’s cool about Brick Science’s videos (other than the wild builds, of course) is there’s a clock on the back wall showing the time since the build began. So even with all those time lapses, we know just how much work is involved. In this case, a whopping 19 hours and 15 minutes!

Other builds on the Brick Science YouTube channel include alarm clocks, coolers, and even a safe. Some other cool dental hygiene builds we’ve seen include a suit with toothbrush fingers and a machine to put toothpaste back in the tube. More practically, a toothpaste that can reduce peanut allergies is in the works.  

A person tests a robotic toothbrush made of LEGO
Brick Science

We find out from the follow up video from the person who initiated the challenge that the build cost $2,000. On the Dental Digest YouTube channel, dental student and professional yeller Anthony Baroud compares its brushing abilities to the world’s largest LEGO toothbrush and also a kid’s toothbrush that has a LEGO brick handle and a LEGO brick bristle cover. No lie, I want one of those.  

Dental Digest uses plaque-disclosing tablets to compare the toothbrushes. If, like me, you had no idea what those were until Brick Science started launching them, you chew the tablets and they turn plaque purple. Then you brush and see if there’s any purple left. If not, you’re brushing well.

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