Impressive LEGO Roller Coaster Set Features Two Full Loops

LEGO has had some truly impressive builds in its day, but this one is a minor miracle. Although LEGO has made roller coaster sets before, this new one puts the previous ones to shame. Via Gizmodo, we’ve learned that the company is putting out perhaps their best roller coaster set ever this summer, which features a gravity-powered thrill ride with not one, but two loops. The 3,756-piece Loop Coaster even launches its minifigures from a three-foot tower.

You can check out images of this impressive set right here:

LEGO Loop Coaster for 2022.

The Loop Coaster comes with a total of 11 minifigures. They include a coaster operator, as well as theme park employees selling pretzels, balloons, and hot dogs. There’s also a grandmother, a child, and five additional coaster riders with reversible heads. And each one of them is showing different reactions to riding the coaster. One of the riders has serious sideburns and huge sunglasses. Is this supposed to be Elvis? Or maybe this set is time specific to 1975? Whether it’s in the past or present, we like either scenario.

LEGO Loop Coaster passengers

A manual crank powers the elevator for this Loop Coaster. But you can also upgrade the set with power functions. Although right now, we don’t know if the Loop Coaster can be left running autonomously in an endless ride loop. Some of LEGO’s older Roller Coaster sets were able to do this, so we imagine this one will too.

LEGO Loop Coaster packaging.

So how much will this deluxe LEGO set you back? It’s a not unsubstantial $400. But we think serious LEGO fans will want to fork over the cash for this one. It really is one of the most impressive sets they’ve ever made. It’s not available yet for pre-order, but all signs point to this set arriving on July 5, 2022.

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