LEGO T. Rex Breakout Set Recreates Iconic JURASSIC PARK Scene

Jurassic World Dominion will reunite generations, as the stars of the franchise’s first film come together to help humanity stave off its own mass extinction. But you don’t have to worry about mankind’s perilous future if you don’t want to. Instead you can remember the good ol’ days when just a handful of people faced mortal danger. LEGO’s new T. rex Breakout set recreates one of the most famous moments from Jurassic Park. It’s a collectible that looks ready to make your bookshelf a dinosaur dinner.

LEGO's T. rex Breakout set fully built and on display

LEGO‘s newest adult-oriented set measures over 6-inches high, 23-inches wide, and 8.5-inches deep. It celebrates the moment when Jurassic Park went from amusement park to total nightmare. The 1,212-piece build-and-display model joins the “fun” that followed Dennis Nedry’s sabotage. That’s when the T. rex broke through the no-longer electrified fence. The set recreates the middle of the chaos that followed. The posable T. rex figure stands atop a flipped over Ford Explorer. A second, still-intact Explorer sits opposite. As minifigures for Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Tim Murphy, and Lex Murphy fight to survive.

The collection also has some very cool extras. There’s buildable night-vision goggles, a flare, two water glass elements, a flashlight, CD-ROM touch-screen monitor, goat chain, T. rex footprints, and more. It also comes with a display stand so you can easily keep it together. (Unlike the LEGO lawyer who is already hiding, though not for long, in an unseen nearby LEGO bathroom.) You’ll also get a companion booklet with full step-by-step instructions to build your own.

The box for LEGO's T. rex Breakout set showing it fully built and on display

You can pre-order yours now from LEGO’s online store. The T. Rex Breakout set ($99.99) starts shipping April 17. Since Jurassic World Dominion doesn’t hit theaters until June 10, you’ll have some time to remember when a dinosaur revolution was thankfully limited to one small island and not the entire planet. You know, the good ol’ days.

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