This LEGO Ideas Project Brings Pixar’s RATATOUILLE to Life

A real gourmet kitchen, and we get to build it!

Well, if this LEGO Ideas project gets enough support, that is. Brick Project has put together an incredible proposal for a LEGO set based on Pixar’s masterpiece Ratatouille, and the idea already has one huge endorsement.

Thomas Carlier, a.k.a. Brick Project, has created other incredible LEGO Ideas proposals before, like this Chronicles of Narnia wardrobe that looks positively enchanting. This Ratatouille proposal is another labor of love for the skilled builder. “It would be for me a dream come true to see Ratatouille sets in LEGO stores,” says Thomas.

The proposal contains plans for over 2800 bricks to re-create the setting for the animated film, Gusteau’s, the best restaurant in France. It features both the main restaurant and the kitchen in so much detail that can you practically hear the sizzle of frying pans. Thomas paid careful attention to every single brick. “On the rooftop you can see a mini ‘rat restaurant’ scene,” he writes in the proposal. “I also create a custom street sign, that I called ‘Rue Ratatouille.’ I hope these little details will please a lot of fans!”

It even comes complete with designs for four mini-figures: Linguini Alfredo, Colette Tatou, Skinner, Anton Ego, and a tiny figure of Remy.

Here’s a charming video about the set to tell you more about the LEGO Ideas project and how you can help make it a reality.

For a LEGO Ideas project to be a success, it must gain 10,000 votes from the community. If you love Pixar’s Ratatouille and want to see it come to life as a LEGO set, simply register on the site (for free!) and let your voice be heard.

All Images: Brick Project

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