LEGO Is Releasing a HARRY POTTER Icons Anniversary Set

If you miss the Hogwarts express this year, you won’t have to steal a flying car to get to school! Instead, in September, LEGO is releasing a Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons Collector’s Edition Set guaranteed to bewitch all fans.

In news we first saw on Colliderwe learned that this new set comes in celebration of twenty years of LEGO Harry Potter sets. (Not to make anyone feel old!) According to LEGO’s release, the collection “follows the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends, capturing some of the most iconic characters and moments in one, single stunning model.” It also “also includes several famous artifacts found in the Wizarding World over the last two decades.”

LEGO Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Collection Set with Hedwig, letter, glasses and golden minifigures


From Hedwig to the Hogwarts letter, from Harry’s wand to potion bottles, and more, this set is sure to delight. LEGO’s attention to detail stands out in our first glimpse at the set. For example, the potion bottles appear to have individual labels on them. Additionally, each “student’s” LEGO letter comes personally signed by Minerva McGonagall herself.

LEGO Harry Potter Potions Bottles


Speaking of the Deputy Headmistress, she, Albus Dumbledore, and Rubeus Hagrid are also included in the set as golden minifigures. As the release notes, these three characters are the focus of the very first chapter of the Harry Potter series. They introduce the readers to the magical world and, in many ways, represent Hogwarts like no other characters. It is fitting that they are the guides of this very special, nostalgic collection as well.

LEGO Is Releasing a HARRY POTTER Icons Anniversary Set_1


Designer Marcos Bessa shared:

Every item in the set is filled with memories, from winning quidditch matches to iconic potion ingredients, not to mention getting that all-important letter. Building the Hogwarts Icons Collectors’ Edition Set is sure to bring fond recollections back for Wizarding World and LEGO fans alike, with this beautiful centrepiece.

The LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons Collector’s Edition Set will release on September 2. Fans can buy the collection from LEGO stores and at

LEGO Harry Potter scarves, hogwarts letters, wand, and choclate frog


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