SONIC LEGO Build Spins the Hedgehog At Super Speeds

Sonic the Hedgehog is not a character that’s meant to stand still. His name is Sonic, after all. And though his LEGO set showed off some of his talents for going upside down and defying gravity on its box, the LEGO Sonic himself had no way to pick up speed. At least, not until YouTuber JK Brickworks got ahold of him. The YouTuber noticed the cool trick LEGO Sonic could perform in theory and wanted to bring it into reality with this Sonic LEGO build.

Let’s take a look:

Given that this LEGO build was a live one, the video itself runs pretty long. But handily, JK Brickworks added sections for those who don’t want to watch the whole thing. Although these LEGO creations do have a soothing, ASMR-like quality to them. The build begins by making Sonic his LEGO loop. How can he go upside down if he has nothing to run circles around? After that, the fun begins.

Sonic Spins at super speeds in Lego Build
JK Brickworks

“Sonic’s supposed to be moving!” JK Brickworks comments and sets out to make this LEGO set much cooler than initially planned. Watching this LEGO build come to life, you would think creating a spinning Sonic is the easiest thing in the world. JK Brickworks moves with a calm certainty. He pulls out pieces from his many LEGO drawers with easy, does stud math, and seemingly manifests a spinning LEGO Sonic with ease. We even pause to account for the aesthetics of the spinning LEGO build in the video. Honestly, we want to pull our LEGOs out now. But we know we’d make a mess of it, no matter how easy it looks.

Once Sonic can manually spin, the time has come to motorize him. A “simple” concoctions of axels, gears, and, of course, Sonic, and we’re off, full speed ahead. Next thing we know, Sonic is off to the races. He ends up going at three different speeds around his loop. And hopefully, he’ll make it to the speed of sound one day.

For those who want all of the fun of this LEGO build in a more bite-size video, here’s a look at the final results:

And for even more Sonic fun, don’t miss Sonic’s latest adventure in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Hopefully the Sonic movie will inspire more LEGO sets that inspire more cool LEGO builds.

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