This LEGEND OF ZELDA Fan Animation Will Blow You Away

It’s been a few years since word of a Legend of Zelda Netflix series first flitted across the internet like Navi, but we’re still waiting to see the game franchise come to life. Brilliant artists Youyang Kong and Qianya Yin took matters into their own hands and poured two months of work into a fan animation of Link bravely taking on two Guardians with the help of a dear friend. Via  Nintendo Life, this all-too-short Zelda fan animation film gives us a hint of what a Breath of the Wild animated series might look like, and we want one now.

Link doesn’t speak in the animation, just like in the games, which is just one of the many reasons this short film feels so much like Zelda. The stunning backgrounds showcasing the sunny fields of Hyrule take us right back to the hours we spent there when Breath of the Wild released in 2017.While there was, of course, the infamous cartoon from the 1980s (Excuuuuse me, princess!), a new animated series could elevate Link, Zelda, and Ganon among the ranks of Netflix’s Castlevania or Voltron. The original rumors pitched a darker (yet family-friendly)  Legend of Zelda Netflix series similar to Game of Thrones, but if this animation is any indication, there’s room for Zelda to be a brightly lit, action-packed adventure with heart. And Korok hugs. There’s always room for Korok hugs. [mpx_video type=”alpha” guid=”ZIbWzyx9n6ip7__TKclSm6WeflQMdf6N”] Would you prefer a live-action or animated Legend of Zelda series? Tell us which and why in the comments.

Featured Image: Nintendo

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