Nintendo Announces LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD Sequel at E3

Long before The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild commanded every waking second of our spare time by way of a healthy amalgam of mesmerizing visuals, engaging gameplay, and one of the most enchanting narratives to grace the gaming medium, its forebear The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening did pretty much the very same. And now, we get to appreciate the bounties of both games once more. At E3 2019, Nintendo announced both a sequel to 2017’s Zelda: Breath of the Wild and an update of 1993’s Link’s Awakening for the Switch!

The Breath of the Wild sequel news hit the web on the heels of the Nintendo Direct video stream; said revelation was scant on the details, taking form solely as the below teaser:

As far as Breath of the Wild goes, that’s all it really takes to get us pumped.

Now, no one’s going to compare the far simpler aesthetic design of the 1993 Gameboy game to that of its successor on the Nintendo Switch, nor is Link’s Awakening quite so sprawling or complex as the aforesaid 2017 release. But don’t let yourself forget just how enthralling your adventures through the mysterious, animal-laden Koholint Island really were. Thankfully, you can relive them once more, and with updates to both the look and motivity, as Nintendo is releasing Link’s Awakening for the Switch.

The news was announced via the E3 Nintendo Direct on June 11, which treated viewers to a look at the new take on the 26-year-old classic. As you can see, the game will maintain the original’s cartoonish vibe—a stark contrast to Breath of the Wild‘s lifelike aura—but with Switch-appropriate graphics.

Beyond just updates to the visuals and gameplay, the new version of Link’s Awakening will also serve as home to a Dungeon Maker mode in the vein of the Mario Maker series that’s won the (often sadistic) hearts and minds of players the world over.

Link’s Awakening will hit the Nintendo Switch on September 20. And while there’s plenty to be excited about, personally, I can’t wait to reunite with my old pal, the flying chicken.

Images: Nintendo

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