Lee Fields’ New Soul Song Is Exactly What You Need in Your Life

Artists of one medium celebrate the art of another, as seven portrait artists imaginatively paint  legendary soul singer Lee Fields in the touching video for “You’re What’s Needed In My Life.”

Getting new music from Lee Fields, the beloved 68-year-old soul singer whose impressive career has spanned fifty years, is a pretty sweet way to improve your day, especially when he still sounds as good as ever. But the music video for his new song manages to tap into the universal vibrations of what Fields is capable of doing and the themes he sings about. Seven artists paint his portrait as he sits for them, each interpreting how the emotional resonance of his music informs the lines, colors, and shapes of his legacy. It’s a powerful image that pays homage to the man, all buoyed by another soul gem. The tender ode is also a tribute to his wife Chris, who he has been with since he was 18 years old, right from the start of his memorable career. No, you’re teary eyed.

The accompanying video is a simple, yet powerful way to honor his both the man his music, and the people who supported him along the way.

“You’re What’s Needed In My Life” is a track from his new album It Rains Love from Lee Fields & The Expressions, which hits stores and streaming services April 5. He said this song “is for anyone that has someone special in their life and truly appreciates them,” and that “if they are in search of words to tell that special person how they feel, all they have to do is play the song.”

Or you could always paint their portrait.

Featured Image: Sesse Lind

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