Kumail Nanjiani Got Ripped For ETERNALS And The Internet Can’t Handle It

We all know and love Kumail Nanjiani. The comedian made it big on the HBO series Silicon Valley and was nominated for an Academy Award for co-writing The Big Sick with real-life wife Emily Gordon. He’s super talented, super handsome, and super hilarious—and now, he’s super buff. For his upcoming appearance in the Marvel superhero film Eternals, Nanjiani got absolutely jacked. He shared the results on his Instagram account, and… holy wow, Batman.

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I never thought I’d be one of those people who would post a thirsty shirtless, but I’ve worked way too hard for way too long so here we are. You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. I found out a year ago I was going to be in Marvel’s Eternals and decided I wanted to transform how I looked. I would not have been able to do this if I didn’t have a full year with the best trainers and nutritionists paid for by the biggest studio in the world. I’m glad I look like this, but I also understand why I never did before. It would have been impossible without these resources and time. So big thanks to @grantrobertsfit who started working with me at the beginning of the year and made me understand true physical pain for months and months. Then, once we started shooting, a massive thanks to @davidhigginslondon and his team (@ellispartridge, @thebeardypt, @tomcheesemanfitness) for training me almost every day and making me strong, limber and injury free. I can almost touch my toes now. (And thank you for forcing me to do cheat meals David.) Matthews Street Catering for their delicious and healthy meals. And finally, the biggest thanks goes to @emilyvgordon for putting up with me complaining and talking about only working out and dieting for the last year. I promise I’ll be interesting again some day. #thirstyshirtless (Photo by @markupson.)

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In perfect Kumail form, he was totally humble about how he got into such excellent shape. Big studio money and incredible discipline led to these sculpted results. And because the internet is thirsty as hell, they took immediate notice. Twitter is positively flushed with reactions to his transformation.

Some folks were out there to remind us that yes, Kumail has always been hot, and this is not necessarily a new development.

And lots of people were just so happy to see that he acknowledged how he came into this body and how it’s not realistic for the average person.

Classy and ripped? The total package. We’re so happy for Kumail and can’t wait to see his hard work paid off in Eternals.

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