Sail the Seas in This Fancy Manta-Shaped Submarine

Personal Bat-Boat anyone? Order your own manta-shaped vessel, the Kronos Armoured Submarine. The boat is 29 feet long and 24 feet across. That is almost exactly the size of the world’s largest actual manta rays. Let that sink in. It does differ in speed, though. The boat can travel at 50 miles per hour at the surface or 30 mph when underwater, which is much faster than the animal swims. The sub can dive up to 800 feet deep and has a 36 hour supply of breathable air. Also, you can add on the optional periscope and bathroom to really make it your own personal Nautilus.

A manta-shaped submarine driving underwater below two paddleboarders
Highland Systems

Highland Systems, a company in the United Arab Emirates, offers the submarine. The wings fold up for ease of transportation (picture below). No price is listed online. But the company does say that the vehicle can be used for commercial, rescue, and combat operations. One of the diagrams even shows torpedoes. We assume that costs extra. And what goes there if you choose the tourist or luxury trims instead?

A pickup truck towing a manta-shaped submarine with its wing folded up
Highland Systems

We first read about this luxurious new boat on DesignTAXI. It’s not the only personal submarine option out there if you’re rich enough to afford one. The U-Boat Worx version showed people in cocktail dresses sipping champagne and tooling around the tropics. We can also picture James Bond villains dramatically escaping in one of these. Certainly Bruce Wayne already has a prototype. Perhaps one will even show up in the Aquaman sequel? Taking one on a journey to Atlantis doesn’t seem all that far-fetched.

A manta-shaped submarine driving across the water
Highland Systems

The Kronos submarine also looks a bit like a spaceship. Maybe it’s named after the Klingon homeworld? 

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