KRAVEN THE HUNTER Trailer Teases Bloody Origin Story for SPIDER-MAN Villain

We all know the story of how Spider-Man gets his powers. He gets bitten by a radioactive spider, and the rest is history. But the newest Sony Marvel movie, Kraven the Hunter is bringing a twist on the spider bite. A lion bite. In the first blood-spurting trailer for the movie, we get a quick rundown of this version of the Spider-Man villain comes to be. And it’s all down to a bad dad and the jaws of a giant beast. Take a look at Kraven the Hunter‘s official trailer, starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, below.

The trailer for Kraven the Hunter gives us a pretty good set-up for the movie to come. In childhood, Kraven’s father, Nikolai Kravinoff, played by Russell Crowe, drills it into his son that power is about never showing weakness. But after the future Kraven fails to kill a lion, Nikolai leaves his son for dead. Villains aren’t born, the Kraven the Hunter trailer reminds us, they’re made. Indeed, between his father’s cruelty and the maws of a lion, Kraven rises to life. It seems like his blood mixes with that of the lion, and that melding gives him all kinds of new powers, including a connection with animals.

The trailer also teases that Kraven the Hunter might give us a more anti-hero view of the Spider-Man villain. Kraven’s brother seems to think he’s just like their father. But Kraven himself believes he’s taking evil out of the world, not creating it. Anti-hero or villain, Kraven is certainly out for blood. Knives, bullets, crossbows, teeth, you name it. Kraven seems to take at least some delight out of his rampages. Particularly of note is a scene where he bites the nose off of a man and spits it into the camera… Not for the faint of heart. Kraven the Hunter is rated R, after all. It’s the first Sony Marvel movie to get that rating.

Kraven the hunter sitting on an antler chair from official trailer release
Sony Pictures

When it comes to other aspects of the Marvel world, we see a few teases. We get a glimpse of Aleksei Sytsevich transforming into the Rhino, another Spider-Man villain. But perhaps, in this case, he’ll be a Kraven villain… Or is that a future ally? As for Spider-Man himself, we still don’t see any indication the hero will appear in any form in the movie. However, we do see some excellently creepy spiders in the Kraven the Hunter trailer, nodding at the character.

Kraven the Hunter previously had a release date of October 6—however, the movie will now release in theaters on August 30, 2024.

Featured Image: Sony Pictures

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