Knock Thrice’s Fantasy Cardigans Will Make Your Next D&D Game Cozy and Stylish

Are you a noble paladin wielding your sword with might and honor? Perhaps you’re a wily witch, brewing potions from the gifts of the harvest. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re a cottage core bard who just wants to sing and nap in peace. Whatever your favorite fantasy vision for yourself, Knock Thrice wants to outfit you in cozy cardigans perfect for any quest, Dungeons & Dragons game, or afternoon by the fire immersed in your favorite book. Let’s take a look at these gorgeous cardigans that will make you feel fantastical, stylish, and cozy. Knock Thrice’s store is currently open with some of these designs (but don’t worry, the store will restock all the designs over time if there is demand), so let’s head out on this (shopping) adventure.

Knock Thrice Fantasy Cardigan Feature
Knock Thrice

(Full and joyous disclaimer: I own two of these cardigans, and I wear them literally every day. They are high quality, warm, and gorgeous. Okay. On we go!)

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Knight in Cozy Armor Cardigan

Brave knights need comfortable clothes, too, but they still want to look good. Get the best of all worlds as you defend the realm and add a layer to your wardrobe that does not ruin the look. Knock Thrice’s “Knight in Cozy Armor” cardigans come in two varieties. “Forget-me-not Knight” (blue), which resembles a more traditional armored look, and “ The Raven Knight” (black), just in case you’re feeling more like you’re a rogue knight.

Knock Thrice Main Knight
Knock Thrice

The description for this cardigan shares, “The unique embroidered design features shoulder and back chainmail, ‘laced’ arm bracers, custom moon buttons, and a gilded sword, still dripping red from your recent combat.” When I say these details are incredible, I mean it. You truly feel like you’ve donned your armor. Foes beware!

And just a pro tip, more Knights are coming to join the battalion. A Lavender Knight and a green Ivy Knight are on the way. It’s also worth mentioning that every one of these fantasy cardigans has the most gorgeous blue and silver buttons with a moonscape on them.

The Knight in Cozy armor cardigans each cost $125.

The Knight of Wisteria 

The Knight of Wisteria Cardigan 1
Knock Thrice

Are you a bit of a fancier Knight? Do you love pearls, jewels, shiny scales of armor, and all things fae feeling? Well, the Knight of Wisteria fantasy cardigan is for you, then!

The Knight of Wisteria Cardigan back
Knock Thrice
The Knight of Wisteria Cardigan shoulder
Knock Thrice

According to this fantasy cardigan’s lore, “the Knight of Wisteria reminds us that even in the days of frost and fog – the inevitable warmth of spring shall come again.” So, if you’re longing for the gentle touch of spring and the bloom of the flowers in your heart this winter, this is the perfect layer to wrap up in. We also absolutely adore the color, what a gorgeous purple that is neither too pink, nor too blue.

The Knight of Wisteria Cardigan front
Knock Thrice

The Knight of Wisteria cardigan comes in both full-length and cropped versions, they cost $120.00 and $115.00, respectively.

The Knight of Ivy Fantasy Cardigan

Knock thrice ivy knight fantasy cardigan
Knock thrice

Perhaps you’re a woodland knight instead? Mayhap a tree dweller in the heart of an elven land? If so, this Knight of Ivy cardigan will likely call to the nature in your soul. The Ivy Knight is “a warrior of the forest, so in tune with the woods, they are becoming absorbed by it. Seamlessly, they blend into the dappled light of towering oaks and ancient willows.”

Knock Thrice Knight of Ivy Fantasy Cardigan shoulders
Knock Thrice

And you can see how the woods have crept into your heart (and your closet) as you take a closer look at this cardigan. We’re obsessed with the embroidered creep of Ivy across the shoulders and back. It is gorgeously delicate and blends perfectly into the embroidered bracers, straps, and shoulder pieces. The convincing illusion of leathery armor is just right for the mood of this cardigan. We know exactly the elf that would don this fantasy cardigan.

Knock Thrice Knight of Ivy Fantasy Cardigan back
Knock Thrice
Knock Thrice Knight of Ivy Fantasy Cardigan bracers
Knock Thrice

The Knight of Ivy cardigan comes only in a full-length design and costs $120.00.

The Grave Knight Sweater

The Grave Knight Knock Thrice Cardigan
Knock Thrice

Of course, it’s natural for some of denizens of a fantasy realm to be, well, how do I put this, goths. And so, for all of you who feel the pull of darkness in your hearts (but, are, of course, soft and good on the inside), there’s the Grave Knight Sweater.

The Grave Knight Knock Thrice Cardigan gorget
Knock Thrice

Full disclosure yet again, I’m obsessed with this one! The full description for this sweater reads:

Unsmiling. Unyielding. Guardian and guide; The Grave Knight protects the freshly fallen, with blood still warm in their veins, but the light gone from their eyes. Silently, gently, the Grave Knight leads the lost souls safely to whatever lays beyond. While he may glimpse the warmth that lies, just out of reach – he wonders , he hopes, that one day he may lay down his sword and join them

The Grave Knight Knock Thrice Cardigan shoulder armor
Knock Thrice

Has there ever been a more perfect summary of a clothing item than this? The Grave Knight is clearly just the right shade of angst, and his sweater reveals that he has style. The silvery gorget around the neck is completely inspired and seems to gleam with metal, though it is embroidery. And the engraved bracers are works of art. This is the perfect cozy piece for winter.

The Grave Knight Knock Thrice Cardigan back
Knock Thrice

The Grave Knight sweater costs $115.00.

The Paladin Protector Shield & Dagger Bag

The Paladin Protector Shield & Dagger Bag 5
Knock Thrice

Okay, this isn’t a cardigan or a sweater. But this Paladin Protector shield & dagger bag is a must for your life if you’re trying to live out your best fantasy every day. Not only is it practical, you can wear it as a backpack, crossbody bag, or purse, but it is a downright kingly feast for the eyes. Besides, how can you defend the realm without a shield and dagger? As the description shares, “While many think the sword is a knight’s greatest weapon – it is, in fact, the shield which stands between triumph and defeat, between honour and death. Stay guarded, stay protected, and keep your shield close at all times.”

The Paladin Protector Shield & Dagger Bag 4
Knock Thrice

This bag is also a literal steal at $68.00. I’m pretty sure you need it in your life.

The Paladin Protector Shield & Dagger Bag 2
Knock Thrice

Forest Forager Fantasy Cardigan

We can’t all be knights. Every good party needs a balance of temperaments and skills. Some ride off to battle with dripping swords, while others go to the forest to wander and forage for herbs and natural remedies. We would be naught without them! Knock Thrice shares that this fantasy cardigan is “For those who crave the scent of sweet, damp moss and wish to wander wistfully in the dappled light of towering trees.”

Knock Thrice Main FF
Knock Thrice

The gorgeous green of the Forest Forager cardigan is embroidered with so many beautiful surprises. They include mushrooms, acorns, leaves, and even a ladybug friend. The Forest Forager cardigan also comes in both full-length and cropped versions, allowing you some variety. It’s the perfect fantasy cardigan for a gentle soul.

The Forest Forager cardigan costs $125 for full length and $115 for the cropped version.

Harvest Witch Fantasy Cardigan

The harvest is a magical time, full of trees turning to red and gold, bonfires, and shadows growing long. This Harvest Witch cardigan captures all the magic of mid-October and wraps it around you all year round. The details and colors of this fantasy cardigan are breathtaking. Knock Thrice shares, “Swaddle yourself in soft tones of pumpkin, olive, and mulberry. Hang your copper kettle by above fire-warmed hearth, sip your tea or soup or potion, and watch the dying orange light of an Autumn afternoon fade into dusky, wintery purple.” And that is 100% what wearing this cardigan feels like.

Knock Thrice Main HW
Knock Thrice

Like the other cardigans above, the embroidered details here are astounding. My favorite is the scythe on the right arm, although the pumpkin on the left is pretty incredible, too. And we cannot forget the adorable tea bag pocket that lives on the front of the cardigan. Fashion and function. Truly, the real magic of the universe is pockets. This cardigan, too, comes in regular and cropped versions, each gorgeous in its own right. So slip this cardigan on and whisper spells into the night.

The Harvest Witch cardigan costs $125 for full length and $115 for the cropped version.

Other Knock Thrice Creations

In addition to these fantasy cardigans, Knock Thrice also has an Over the Garden Wall collection, which is just incredible.

The store also sells beautiful embroidered hats and fabulous mugs, you know, in case you need another one for your collection.

To keep up with all the latest creations, make sure to follow Knock Thrice on Instagram.

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