KIT KAT Made a Group Costume with an Exit Plan

Group costumes are so fun, but they often require a lot of coordination. Who is going to be which of the Pink Ladies from Grease? Your pal backed out of your spooky twins from The Shining costume and now you just look like a sad Victorian doll. But what if you and a trio of your most trusted costume companions had a costume provided by one of Halloween’s favorite candies? Yep, KIT KAT has a sweet costume for four that one lucky group can rock this Halloween. Stick together, break apart—the choice is yours. We love a costume with an exit plan! 

The costume, which we first saw at The Mary Sue, clocks in at seven feet tall and features four of the chocolate-covered wafers. And it comes with a magnetic wrapper because, you know, the brand’s gotta stay strong.

KIT KAT group costume with rapper


Now, here’s the real kicker. You can rock the costume in the classic four-piece set. Or break apart and pair off. But worry not, KIT KAT isn’t concerned if you stay together or split—after all, a KIT KAT is a KIT KAT

“Group costumes can be really hard to choose when you have so many people that need to agree, but luckily everyone loves and can agree on KIT KAT,” said Benita Chang-Godoy, Senior Brand Manager of KIT KAT. “It’s time to bring the perfect four-person Halloween costume that is a show-stopper to wear together but also really fun to break apart.”

KIT KAT costumes split apart


In order to enter, just tag a trio of palls you’d want to rock the KIT KAT costume with on the brand’s official Instagram or Facebook pages. The contest began on October 24, and runs until the end of October 27. So KIT KAT is really coming in under the wire here with this costume. Check out the full contest rules and maybe snag a KIT KAT for good luck.

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