Kit Harington Helps Leslie Jones Re-Enact GAME OF THRONES Scenes

Game of Thrones is just around the corner, which means its stars are in full promotion force. And because it’s the final season, they’re pulling out all of the stops. That inevitably meant that someone was bound to host Saturday Night Live, and someone is Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington.

In the first promo for his episode, which airs this Saturday, April 6, Kit got into character – this time against his will. Here he is, helping SNL cast member Leslie Jones act out key scenes from the HBO series, much to his own dismay.

Leslie is having a ton of fun here, working her way through big Game of Thrones moments like Hodor’s death, Jon Snow facing the Night King at Hardhome, the resurrected Viserion melting the Wall with blue flames (made with bubble wrap and ice cubes in this version), and Daenerys and Jon Snow’s first meeting – which is where Kit comes in to play.

“I assume, my lord, you are here to bend the knee,” Leslie-as-Daenerys asks from her throne of cardboard.

“Leslie, what are we actually doing here?” Kit, wearing oven mits for stand-in gloves, asks. “I’ve been here for four hours… Is this even for the show?”

“No, this is my fantasy!” she responds. We get it, girl. We’d do the same thing!

Leslie then leads Kit, in a body suit, through the halls of Studio H8, mimicking Cersei’s walk of shame in season 5. Only this time, instead of feces being flung, it’s donuts. A marked improvement, we’d say!

This is all a lot of fun and teases up the shenanigans we can expect to see when Saturday rolls around. After seasons of playing the miserable bastard Jon Snow, it’s nice to see Kit having doing something lighthearted. We can’t wait to see what he and the rest of the cast charm us with.

Images: Saturday Night Live/NBC

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