These KINGDOM HEARTS Boots Protect Your Feet from the Darkness

Prepare your feet for a quest to bring light to the darkness. If you’re going to set out in the world with such a huge task in front of you, you need the right shoes. And SuperGroupies has you covered with their new Kingdom Hearts III collection (via Kotaku). Their designs are thankfully more subtle and stylish than some of the cartoonishly large shoes in the Square Enix game. Let’s be real: Sora’s sneakers are especially ridiculous. But not these! Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas, and Axel all inspire these shoes but in a sophisticated way.

Kingdom Hearts boots


Eschewing the cosplay accurate route, SuperGroupie instead turned to motifs to match each character. They include details on the insoles and on the shoe tongues. For example, the Roxas and Axel designs have little sea-salt ice cream symbols. Considering how many times the duo sat on the edge of the Twilight Town clock tower enjoying the treat, it’s fitting. Let’s look at that detail first.

Kingdom Hearts Roxas shoes insole
Kingdom Hearts Roxas shoes tongue


The Sora boots feature color elements from the protagonist’s costume. The red shoelaces match his hoodie while the yellow stitching around the sole ties in elements of the shoes Sora wears in Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts Sora boots


This insole has some of the many keyblades Sora wields, plus the paopu fruit he shars with Kairi.

Kingdom Hearts Sora boots insole


And speaking of Kairi, the pink accent on this boot echoes the pink of her outfit. The shoes have silver studs going down the back based on the buttons on Kairi’s dress.

Kingdom Hearts Kairi boots


Riku’s Kingdom Hearts III look involves a fair amount of belt buckles, so that’s reflected in the below shoes.

Kingdom Hearts Riku boots


Roxas’ in-game shoes (not his Organization XIII ensemble) influence SuperGroupies’ footwear for the character. While the Axel boots one hundred percent lean into the dark Organization XIII robes with a removable chain.

Kingdom Hearts Roxas boots Kingdom Hearts Axel boots


My compliments to SuperGroupie for taking Kingdom Hearts‘ shoes and making them fashionable. They incorporated buckles, plaid, and more with flair. The made-to-order boots are available starting at 16,000 yen from the SuperGroupie website.

Featured Image: SuperGroupies 

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